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Battles involving America in World War II by Mind Map: Battles involving America in
World War II
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Battles involving America in World War II

Pearl Harbor

Sunday Dec. 7th, 1941

Japanese surprise attack

Started at 7:48 am

Battle of Midway

The capture of this island, made the bombing raids on Toyko possible, because American planes had a place to refuel and then they could make it all the way to Japan and back to a safe place, instead of worrying if they would make it all the way from California or Hawaii

Central Pacific

June 1942

Four Japanese aircraft carriers are sunk

Battle of North Africa

North Africa

November 1942

Allied forces had German troops retreat to Tunisia

Battle of Coral Sea

South Pacific

May 1942

Carrier based U.S planes halted Japanese Planes

Toyko Bombing Raids

Toyko Japan

March 1945

American bombers destroy building and killed people in mass fire bombing.

Battle of Guadalcanal

Solomon Islands

February 1943

Americans take first island in start of island-hopping strategy