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ME NOW by Mind Map: ME NOW

1. PHYSICAL WELLNESS (things I do now: eat 2 large meals a day and snack, often am dehydrated, practice swimming 9x per week, lift 3x per week, stay up late, nap during the day)

1.1. sleep 8 hours per night

1.1.1. eat fruits/veggies with every meal eat little to no processed foods

1.2. eat more balanced meals

1.2.1. eat low sugar foods portion control

1.3. stretch for 10 minutes 3x per week

1.3.1. run once a week maintain regular exercise schedule

1.4. increase weights in lifting weekly

1.4.1. take a multivitamin supplement eat many small meals throughout the day

1.5. drink 8 glasses of water a day

1.5.1. drink one cup of coffee per day max cut coffee out enitrely

2. EMOTIONAL WELLNESS (things I do now: keep feelings to myself, am very pessimistic, spend most of my time watching Netflix or on twitter)

2.1. meditate 1x per week

2.1.1. meditate 3x per week meditate daily

2.2. practice optimism in sticky situations

2.2.1. be more aware of my emotions share my feelings/thoughts openly

2.3. spend >2 hours on social media per day

2.3.1. spend >2 hours on the internet per day only use phone for texts/calls

2.3.2. spend >2 hours on the internet per day

2.4. allow one rest day per week

2.4.1. spend less time using electronic devices live more in the moment

2.5. use yes/no without guilt

2.5.1. set and follow priorities maintain balance between work/school/social life

3. SPIRITUAL WELLNESS (things I do now: sometimes volunteer, sometimes donate money at grocery store, occasionally give to homeless)

3.1. actively practice gratitude

3.1.1. practice small acts of kindness daily keep an up to date, daily gratitude journal

3.2. make time (10-15 mins a day) to relax

3.2.1. spend more time outside (30 mins a day) practice yoga weekly

3.3. contemplate what my beliefs are by spending time reflecting

3.3.1. be able to describe my beliefs find higher meaning and purpose in my life

3.4. volunteer with marginalized people

3.4.1. donate to charities such as red cross spend time volunteering in third world countries

3.5. read to/teach children

3.5.1. donate blood adopt an animal from an animal shelter or foster animals in need

4. KEY





5. SOCIAL WELLNESS (things I do now: spend most of my time with one or two close friends, spend lots of alone time, only ever spend time with people on ASU swim team, maintain a relatively high stress level)

5.1. research clubs that contribute to my career

5.1.1. join a club become president of a club

5.2. stop cancelling plans just to stay in

5.2.1. become engaged with other people in your community go out of my way to meet people outside of my social circle

5.3. develop and practice better communication skills

5.3.1. address ways to fix unhealthy friendships/relationships remove unhealthy and unsalvageable relationships from my life

5.4. be proactive rather than procrastinate

5.4.1. make to-do lists and actually complete them manage stress by keeping an organized daily planner

5.5. become a better listener by practicing listening skills

5.5.1. assist friends with their problems study and obtain a minor degree in psychology

6. OCCUPATIONAL WELLNESS (things I do now: go to school, get decent grades, am not very organized, spend lots of money, procrastinate lots)

6.1. determine my own strengths and weaknesses

6.1.1. work on strengthening my weaknesses find a career field that aligns with my strengths

6.2. begin to search for summer jobs/Iinternships

6.2.1. attend a career fair at ASU apply for health/medical internships

6.3. save $20 per month

6.3.1. save $70 per month save $100 per month save $100 per month

6.4. go to asu career counseling services

6.4.1. determine what field of health work I am passionate about begin a part time job

6.5. finish all my homework the day before its due

6.5.1. study 2+ hours for all exams apply to graduate medical programs