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The System by Mind Map: The System

1. Step 1 - Choosing Your Market & Product

1.1. Module2 Choosing the Right Market & Product

1.1.1. Video 7 Physical Products -vs- Digital Information Products Physical Products Electronics Books Supplements Any eCommerce Digital Products Information or Software Create it once and sell it over & over Your Goal should be your own product Affiliate Offers CPA Promotions

1.1.2. Video 8 The Simplest Way to Start Affiliate Promotions CPA Offers

1.1.3. Video 9 Your Irresistible Offer Affiliate Network Products Clickbank WarriorPlus JVZoo Search for launches Search Google for 'Affiliate' programs Affiliate Product Criteria In IM Niche- $7-10 FE 100+ sales EPC of at least $1.00 Refund Rate below 5% Recurring &/or High ticket upsell CPA Products Markethealth Peerfly Search for 'CPA Network'

1.1.4. Video 10 The 4 Big Niches-(Pick a Passion) Health Weightloss Fitness Supplements Remedies Food Wealth Make Money Online Entrepreneurship Business Opportunities Finance, stocks, Forex, etc Tourism Real Estate Credit Repair Relationships Dating Relationship repair Miscellaneious Others Online video games Gaming & online card games Celebrity related Fashion What are you good at?

1.1.5. Video 11 Simplest Products to Build a Business Recurring Payment Commissions High Ticket Products 'Evergreen' Products

1.1.6. Video 12 Simplest Way to Get Started Recent but already launched products WarriorPlus JV Zoo whatever other offer you're approved for for new launches Avoid 'Big Launches' 'Small Fish' W+ offers with contests. Offers with JV pages No Minimum Sales requirement Request Approval to Promote Offer (Video works best) Send Traffic to the Offer

1.2. Module 3 Using The Right Tools

1.2.1. Video 13 Computer with Internet Access

1.2.2. Video 14 YouTube Channel

1.2.3. Video 15 AdWords Account (for KW Planner)

1.2.4. Video 16 AutoResponder Account

1.2.5. Video 17 Excel (or a free alternative)

1.2.6. Video 18 Optional Efficiency Tools Enounce MySpeed Landing Page Builder Keyword Research Software Video Creation Software OBS Studio Camtasia Many others available 'Color Pick Eyedropper' extension 'Momentum' extension for focus

1.3. Module 4 Using the Right 'Win-Every-Time' Keywords

1.3.1. Video 19 Keyword Research Overview The Importance of Keywords 'Longtail' KW-better than 'general' KW Problems in using KW Research Tools Usually a High recurring cost Usually limited # of searches Data may not be correct YouTube KW tools are notoriously inaccurate You are using someone else's kw

1.3.2. Video 20 Understanding 'Search' is Important Google is biggest and is best for general info YouTube is 2nd biggest and is best for 'How To' YouTube is owned by Google

1.3.3. Video 21 Understanding 'Commercial Intent' Custom Thumbnails are important Buyers keywords are more profitable

1.3.4. Video 22 How to do Win-Every-Time Keyword Research Notepad Google AutoSuggest _ & a space before to get 'before' ideas _ after keyword for 'after' ideas 'a_ space', then 'b_ space', etc before kw for alphabetical 'before' ideas 'a_space', then 'b_space', etc after kw for alphabetical 'after kw ideas Use your ideas to create rankable / profitable videos YouTube AutoSuggest Keywords Everywhere browser extension website Google Keyword Planner Excel Spreadsheet

2. Step 2 - Building Your Audience

2.1. Module 5 Getting People Into Your Funnel

2.1.1. Video 23 The Funnel Concept Marketing / Sales Funnel Awareness Interest Decision Action What Works as an Incentive Gift? Cheatsheets Checklists Templates Tools & Resources Swipefiles Recipes Planners 1 page Reports Anything that makes life easier/less painful Find out where your audience hangs out & offer make an offer they can't refuse

2.1.2. Video 24 Making Your Video Video Content 1. Introduction 2. Pain 3. Solution 4. CTA 5. Recap Video Length Video Software

2.1.3. Video 25 Uploading Your Video Use Keywords in Video File Name Normal or Live Upload Title with keywords Description w/ keywords Tags with keywords Backlinks to Your Video Ping your Video Link

2.1.4. Video 26 Views for Your Video - 'Traffic' Free 'Traffic' (initially slower but long term) Is Your Time Worth Zero? Outsourcing Become an Influencer Where to get Free 'Traffic' Paid 'Traffic' (faster but can be expensive or free) Where to buy 'Traffic'

2.2. Module 6 Turning Visitors Into Customers

2.2.1. Video 27 Funnel Concept

2.2.2. Video 28 What Your Visitors Want

2.2.3. Video 29 The Perfect Thank-You Page

2.2.4. Video 30 The Best Headlines Include a 'Hook'

3. Step 3 - Profiting & Scaling

3.1. Module 7 Building Your List

3.1.1. Video 31 Understanding a Subscribers List

3.1.2. Video 32 Use of Your AutoResponder The Money is in the List List Description Your List is Your Biggest Asset Create a new 'list' Single opt-in vs Double opt-in Email only vs Name & email Affiliate link on 'Confirmation Success Page' Use Salespage Info to create Squeezepage

3.1.3. Video 33 Your Perfect 'Incentive' Give-a-way Everyone wants Fast, Quick, Easy & Cheap Templates, Cheatsheets, Checklists or Software

3.1.4. Video 34 The Perfect 'Deliver' Page Creating the Perfect Delivery Page 'Train' Your Customers to open emails

3.2. Module 8 Promoting Products To Your List

3.2.1. Video 35 Pre-sell with your emails Everyone loves to buy Nobody like to be sold to Don't 'hard-sell' Tell a Story

3.2.2. Video 36 Anatomy of a Perfect Email 1. Subject line that gets opens 2. Powerful first line hook 3. Short Story with Benefits 4. Product Introduction 5. Affiliate Link 6. Scarcity 7. Affiliate Link a second time 8. Sign-off

3.3. Module 9 Scaling It Up

3.3.1. Video 37 After initial setup the entire 'work day' is actually only about 30 minutes... Making and uploading 1 short video Writing 1 short email

3.3.2. Video 38 The extra 30 minutes/day is for scaling Find more offers Find more keywords Create more 'funnels' Send more emails

4. Module 1 Overview

4.1. Video 1 Our New & Changing World

4.2. Video 2 The Importance of Your Why

4.3. Video 3 Internet Marketing & Ethics

4.4. Video 4 Initiative & Consistency

4.5. Video 5 Overview of the SYSTEM

4.5.1. 1. 3 Step Proven System 1. Choose the Right Market & Products Modules 2, 3 & 4 2. Build Your Audience Modules 5, 6 & 7 3. Profit & Scale Modules 8, 9 & 10

4.5.2. 2. 1A-Choosing the Right Market & Product

4.5.3. 3. 1B-Using the Right Tools

4.5.4. 4. 1C-Using 'Win-Every-Time' keywords

4.5.5. 5. 2A-Getting People Into Your Funnel

4.5.6. 6. 2B-Turning Visitors Into Customers

4.5.7. 7. 2C Building Your List

4.5.8. 8. 3A-Profiting and Scaling

4.5.9. 9. 3B-Putting it All Together

4.5.10. This is NOT the only business model that works.

4.6. Video 6 Don't become a 'failure' statisitc

4.6.1. You Need a Website

4.6.2. You Need to HELP People

4.6.3. You Must Avoid Information Overload

4.6.4. You Need to Be a Tortice - Not a Hare

5. Module 10 Wrap Up

5.1. Video 39 Nobody Can Make this Work But YOU

5.1.1. 1. You can make a great living in little time

5.1.2. 2.Choose the right market and product

5.1.3. 3. Use the right tools

5.1.4. 4. Use the Right 'Win-Every-Time' keywords

5.1.5. 5. Get People Into Your Funnel

5.1.6. 6. Turn visitors into customers

5.1.7. 7. Build Your List

5.1.8. 8. Scale it Up

5.1.9. 9. Doing the Work

5.2. Video 40 Put it all together and take action