Technology Autobiography by Eva

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Technology Autobiography by Eva by Mind Map: Technology Autobiography by Eva

1. Game Systems

1.1. Nintendo

1.1.1. 8th grade literacy "beat Koopa and save princess"

1.2. Sega

1.3. Atari at home

1.3.1. fun!

1.3.2. games

1.4. Helped to make us functional and not scared of technology

2. Classes

2.1. Computer Class

2.1.1. IIGS Apple Computer enjoyed writing spreadsheets, word processors, and databases Easy to fix mistakes!

2.1.2. Applied learning from game systems

2.2. 2nd grade computer

2.2.1. Use during free time

2.2.2. Boys used more

2.2.3. initial coding in the "typewriter thing"

2.2.4. display on the "T.V. thing"

2.2.5. not fun, a fad

2.3. More classes in 8th grade

2.3.1. Log into a computer

2.3.2. Type 30 words a minute

2.3.3. Proficient in software

3. My Current Computer

3.1. Internet

3.1.1. Email

3.1.2. Web page development

3.1.3. Don't like to buy things off the internet

3.2. Learning new software

3.3. Knowledge of computer hardware

3.4. Communication tool

3.5. Lack literacy

3.5.1. Computer Languages

3.5.2. Hardware installation

3.5.3. Configuration

3.6. Missing many gadgets

4. No Pager or Cell Phone

5. Technology Wish List

5.1. CD and DVD player

5.2. Software and Hardware for my computer

5.3. HDTV

5.3.1. Rent or buy movies

6. Technology Literacy?

6.1. Being able to program?

6.2. Knowing the latest software?

6.3. The ability to make a device fit your own personal lifestyle?

6.4. Update hardware?