Information Radiator Matrix

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Information Radiator Matrix von Mind Map: Information Radiator Matrix

1. For a Cross-Team Initiative (cross-team effort, 30+ days)

1.1. Sample Cross-Team Initiative Board here:

2. Per-Sprint

2.1. Sprint Goals

3. Cadence

3.1. Deliverables/Features

3.1.1. Plan increments that will be delivered in 60 days or less

3.2. Big Planning

3.2.1. Every 60 days? Other cadence?

3.2.2. Cross-team

3.2.3. 1-2 days

3.2.4. Story Mapping for Programs - important tool, IMO

3.2.5. Attendees: Product, Engineering, and Test representatives for each team involved

3.2.6. Outputs Program Projects/Boards Create Epics and Stories for at least next 60 days Using "Team(s)" field Team Projects/Boards Create any team-specific work that does not belong to CTIs (Cross-Team Initiatives), as best we can, AND/OR Leave portion of anticipated capacity for non-program work Creating non-CTI stories/bugs/etc in the Team's specific JIRA project keeps data tidy Stories for ~60 days Basic Note dependencies, architectural and design concerns White Elephant Sizing

3.3. Sprint Planning

3.3.1. 2 weeks Review and add detai

3.3.2. Backlog grooming Stories for 2+ weeks Review, add detail Planning Poker sizing Wipe out previous estimates - recommended

4. "Team(s)" Field

4.1. Designates which team owns work, whenever the JIRA issues for that work are created in a Project other than a specific Team Project

5. For a Team (Continual stream, incorporating work from any Programs team is working on

5.1. Sample Team Board #1:

5.1.1. Mobile Team

5.2. Sample Team Board #2:

5.2.1. Search Team