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Prince 2 von Mind Map: Prince 2

1. integrated elements

1.1. themes

1.1.1. organisation 4 levels of management corporate program manager & customer project board project manager team manager change authority

1.1.2. business case owened by executive senior user = review outcome & benefits senior supplier = own supplier business case project manager help executive in writing business case criteria desirable : examine cost-benefice balance including risks viable : satisfy that we can deliver the product achievable : product achieve the benefits start of the project = dvped in SU-DP-IP project initiation documents approved by project board always about current situation process output outcomes benefit content executive summary reasons business options (do nothing/min/max) expected benefit/disbenefit timescale costs investment appraisal major risks benefit management approach during Initiation stage

1.1.3. plans 3 level project plan stage plan exception plan initiation stage plan team plan 7 steps to plan design the plan define and analyse the product identify activities and dependencies prepare estimates (duration and cost) document the plan analyse the risks and their mitigations stages management stage technical stage management and technical stage can overlap

1.1.4. risk

1.1.5. quality /fit for purpose must be precise for the project : acceptance criteria for product : quality criteria quality audit trail start in SU move to IP planning of the project with product planning technique plan the detailed work in the stage

1.1.6. change

1.1.7. progress

1.1.8. 4 steps product based planning project product description PBS : product breackdown structure product description PFD : product flow diagram

1.2. processes

1.2.1. SU starting up a project

1.2.2. DP directing a project process

1.2.3. IP initiating a project

1.2.4. CS controlling a stage process

1.2.5. MP managin a product delivery

1.2.6. SB managing stage boundary

1.2.7. CP closing a project

1.3. principles

1.3.1. continued business justification

1.3.2. learn from experience

1.3.3. defined roles and responsibility

1.3.4. manage by stages

1.3.5. manage by exception

1.3.6. focus on products

1.3.7. tailor to suit project environment

1.4. environment

2. project

2.1. change

2.2. temporary

2.3. cross functional

2.4. risky/unique

2.5. variable to be managed

2.5.1. scope

2.5.2. quality

2.5.3. cost

2.5.4. time

2.5.5. risk

2.5.6. benefit