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FLOSS _ OER von Mind Map: FLOSS _ OER

1. Organizational Focus

1.1. Potential

1.1.1. Reduced Risk and Cost

1.1.2. Code Transparency Leading to Better Evaluation

1.1.3. Culture Development

1.1.4. Cultural Change Agent

1.1.5. Values Associated with Localization

1.1.6. Develop New Capacity

1.2. Challenges

1.2.1. Preexisting Capacity

1.2.2. Cultural Fit and Myths

2. Commons Based Peer Production

2.1. Economic and Social Model

2.2. Motivation that Sustains OER and FLOSS

2.3. Sharing Materials and Collaborative Development

2.4. Challenges and Enablers to CBPP

3. Relevance to Local Needs

3.1. Localization for Business Needs

3.2. Localization and Software Usability

3.3. Localization as a Form of Empowerment

3.4. Localization for General Relevance and Reuse

4. Learning Design as FLOSS and OER Mash up

4.1. Potential

4.1.1. Learning Design

4.1.2. Specific Meaning of Learning Design

4.1.3. Open Source Teaching

4.2. Challenges

4.2.1. Learning Design Systems are still in their enfancy