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Security von Mind Map: Security

1. To: Enzo Henrique Goes

2. [email protected]

3. From: Microsoft

4. [email protected]

5. Subjetct: Security

6. Date: 11/04/2021

7. Good night, support staff.

8. I would like to report a problem in the Windows 7 operating system, i am no longer having access to Windows Defencer.

9. For that reason iam concerned about my satefy.

10. They could get in touch as soon as possible, i``m desperate.

11. Have a great night!

12. Enzo Henrique Goes

13. Email support

14. Problem

15. To: Microsoft

16. From: Enzo Henrique Goes

17. [email protected]

18. [email protected]

19. Subjetct: Security

20. Date: 12/04/2021

21. Good night Enzo, our operacional system are safe, no need to worry Windows Defencer was disable drom Windows 7.

22. We recommend installing some so that there is no rick of any virus entering your computer.

23. Even though our system are safe, we recommend installing the antivirus to make the user fell more secure.

24. Hope this helps.

25. Microsoft

26. support response

27. solution