Planning Online Document: Urology Outcomes at Virginia Mason

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Planning Online Document: Urology Outcomes at Virginia Mason von Mind Map: Planning Online Document:  Urology Outcomes at Virginia Mason

1. Objective

1.1. draft design outline

2. General Details

2.1. Date:

2.1.1. May 5, 2009

2.2. Time:

2.2.1. start 7:00 hrs

2.2.2. end 8:00 hrs

2.3. Place:

2.3.1. Transplant Conference Room

2.4. Attendees:

2.4.1. Urology Staff

2.5. Remarks:

2.5.1. Presentation tools used Mindmeister (brainstorming meetings)

3. Agenda

3.1. Examine Proposed Model: VMMC Surgical Outcomes at VM Brochure: 23 pages

3.1.1. Landing Page/Cover

3.1.2. TOC Contact Info p3 About Virginia Mason p4 Medical Offering 1 Bladder Replacement Surgery Medical Offering 2 Continence Center Medical Offering 3 Transplant Center at Virginia Mason Medical Offering 4 Kidney Stones Medical Offering 5 Comprehensive Prostate Cancer Clinic Medical Offering 6 Sexual Health Clinic Medical Offering 7 Testicular Cancer Medical Offering 8 Vasectomy Medical Offering 9 Vasectomy Reversal Medical Offering 10 Medical Offering 11 Medical Offering 12

3.1.3. Staff Biographies (alphabetical) Staff Bio 1 John M. Corman, MD Staff Bio 3 Fred E. Govier, MD Staff Bio 4 Thomas R. Hefty, MD Staff Bio 5 Kathleen C. Kobashi, MD Staff Bio 6 Paul M. Kozlowski, MD Staff Bio 7 Christian S. Kuhr, MD, FACS Staff Bio 8 R. Dale McClure, MD, FACS, FRCS(C) Staff Bio 9 Christopher R. Porter, MD Staff Bio 10 Thomas R. Pritchett, MD Staff Bio 11 Ksenija B. Stefanovic, MD, PhD Staff Bio 12 Anthony Woodruff, MD Staff Bio 13 Joseph Yanity, PA-C

3.1.4. Content Pages (X) Title 1-5 Paragraph Summary of Offering Diagram of Procedure/Process Pull Quote (example): VM's average length of stay is 6.9 days, versus the expected length of stay of 8.4 days. Graph of Outcomes

3.2. Survey What Others Are Doing

3.2.1. VMMC Urology National Survey

3.3. Online Documents: Levels of Interactivity

3.3.1. Issuu

3.3.2. Holographic Magazine

3.3.3. Luxx

3.4. Doctors of USC