Linguistics I, 2

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Linguistics I, 2 von Mind Map: Linguistics I, 2

1. Discourse Analysis / Pragmatics

1.1. Definition

1.1.1. etym. gr.: pragmatikos=acting

1.1.2. studies language in context meaning of words in interaction and dependence of assumptions text/ Discourse Conversation Politeness Cooperative Principle Deixis function what utterances intend to do

2. Sociolinguistics

2.1. Gender

2.1.1. male intention: status independence advice information orders conflicts

2.1.2. female intention: support intimacy understanding feelings proposals compromise

2.2. Language and Regional Variation

2.2.1. accent phonetic aspects different pronunciation

2.2.2. dialect grammar, vocabulary modern English dialects North South

2.2.3. Standard the official dialect which most people understand normally the dialect of people in power so called "proper" English

2.2.4. a language is a dialect with an army

3. Psycho-/Neurolinguistics

3.1. understanding language

3.2. using/producing language

3.3. relationship between language and the brain

3.3.1. specific areas of the brain related to language functions click on arrow to see source Broca's area Wernicke's area Motor Cortex Arcuate fasciculus

3.4. child language acquisition

3.4.1. language stages birth 'pre-language' stage 6 weeks cooing 6 months babbling 8 months intonation patterns 10 months - 1 year one-word stage 1 1/2 years two-word stage 2 years telegraphic speech, word inflections 2 1/4 years begin to pass through the three periods of speech production, use simple vocabulary 5 years basic language 10 years mature speech

3.4.2. specific table