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Jira von Mind Map: Jira

1. Vision

1.1. Easy to use as Trello

1.1.1. Board centric

1.1.2. Simple

1.1.3. Lean

1.1.4. All devices

1.2. Reporting

1.2.1. Missing Portfolio visualization Capacity utilization Lead time distribution Out of the box Dashboards

1.3. Low maintenance

1.3.1. easy to scale

2. Seibert Media Screen Sharing Session

2.1. Goal

2.1.1. Get feedback from external experts about our Jira implementation. Are we doing something completely stupid? Are we following best practices?

2.1.2. Get suggestions for further development and improvement of our Jira implementation What do we need to do to scale it further? How can we minimize the maintenance effort?

2.2. Current dissatisfactions

2.2.1. ProductOwners don't like to use Jira They are messing around with filters They have to know to much about Jira to just get their backlog and a board

2.2.2. Agile Coaches and Management don't get gut charts and data We have to set up boards and charting for each team individually We do not get comparable, reliable metrics Data quality is low Customization per team is high

2.3. Use cases to cover

2.4. Current State

2.4.1. Jira v5.2.11

2.4.2. 101 projects

2.4.3. 12 project categories

2.4.4. 952 users

2.4.5. 99 groups

2.4.6. 5 project roles

2.4.7. Jire enterprise license 2000 users

2.4.8. 19 issue types

2.4.9. 38 workflows

2.5. Plug Ins

2.5.1. Jira Agile 6.3.6

2.5.2. Jira Calendar 1.19

2.5.3. Jira Charting 1.10

3. Other questions

3.1. Is it a good idea to let others run our Jira

4. Project -> Epic -> Story

4.1. What is an epic?