Designing a playground equipment for the school playground

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Designing a playground equipment for the school playground von Mind Map: Designing a playground equipment for the school playground

1. Conclusion

1.1. - Go around the classroom and get student to show the plan of their play equipment and describe what it is, why they think the school needs this play equipment, where they would place it and what safety features have been added.

2. Body

2.1. - Write on the whiteboard what students need to consider when planning their playground equipment. (Colour of play equipment, size, safety features) - Hand each pair the planner worksheet once they decide what play equipment they would like to design. - Get students to draw and label a plan of their playground equipment and fill in the information about the play equipment. (Why does the playground need this? Where can you place it? What safety features have been placed?) - Half way through get students to do a gallery walk to have a look at the different ideas that students are coming up with. - A large timer will be set on the interactive whiteboard to show students have much time they have to do the activity.

3. Curriculum link

3.1. Explore needs or opportunities for designing, and the technologies needed to realise designed solutions (ACTDEP005).

4. Focus questions

4.1. What makes a playground safe?

4.2. What safety features can be added to make your play equipment safe?

4.3. Where would you place this playground equipment?

4.4. Why do you think the school needs this play equipment?

4.5. Who is your target audience?

5. Materials needed

5.1. Plan of the school playground

5.2. interactive whiteboard

5.2.1. Images of example playground equipment

5.2.2. timer

5.3. A3 playground planner worksheet

6. Cross-curriculum learning experiences

6.1. Mathematics

6.1.1. Interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features (ACMMG044)

6.2. English

6.2.1. Language Understand that spoken, visual and written forms of language are different modes of communication with different features and their use varies according to the audience, purpose, context and cultural background (ACELA1460)

6.2.2. Literacy Use interaction skills including initiating topics, making positive statements and voicing disagreement in an appropriate manner, speaking clearly and varying tone, volume and pace appropriately (ACELY1789)

7. Introduction

7.1. - Recap on the importance of safe playgrounds and how to create a safe playground. - Brainstorm as a class play equipment that can be added to the school playground. - Get students to choose with their partners, a play equipment they would like to design. - Hand out student’s school playground plan and get students to discuss with their partners what can be added to the playground, why and where could it be placed. - Teacher will model how students should draw represent their play equipment on the A3 paper. (Labelling the parts of the play equipment) - Teacher will show a number of playground equipment on the interactive whiteboard to provide students with ideas.