How to become a PriceCoach supplier

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How to become a PriceCoach supplier von Mind Map: How to become a  PriceCoach supplier

1. 3. Did you have this Information ready?

1.1. Product information

1.1.1. 1. Binding net rental rates (at least until one year in the future) Base rental price Net rates can be different per wholesaler Pricing components: (can be part of base rental price as well) Prices are the same on suppliers web page (yes,no)

1.1.2. 1. car, camper, motorbike, boat rental company

1.1.3. 2. Binding vehicle descriptions Detailed description Max. vehicle age per category Actual photos Restricted areas (if different to default)

1.1.4. 3. Restricted driving areas

1.1.5. 4. Contact (Name/Phone/Email) Management Financials Product

1.1.6. 5. Station addresses incl. pickup information

1.2. What you get for

1.2.1. 1. Access to your own setup area

1.2.2. 2. Access to PriceCoach User Network Touroperator / Consolidator TravelAgents Other suppliers

1.2.3. 4. Access to several reservation systems (B2B and B2C

1.2.4. 5. Access to your own B2B2C FrontEnd (if desired)

1.2.5. 7. Professional support for sales and operational items (if desired) -Look2Book -Result page positions -...

1.2.6. 8. Guarantee to be added on at least one of wholesalers portfolio

2. 2. Setup opportunities

2.1. Supplier fees (draft)

3. 1. DEMO LINKS How you products will appear

3.1. B2B Wholesaler Demo Login

3.2. B2B2C Demo

4. 4. Contact

4.1. XSS Solutions AG Bahnhofstrasse 11 CH-8630 Rueti / Switzerland Product setup support: [email protected] Management: [email protected]