Lojban grammar

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Lojban grammar von Mind Map: Lojban grammar

1. lerfu

1.1. denpa bu

1.1.1. dot: a pause

1.2. slaka bu

1.2.1. comma: a syllable break

1.3. letter

2. sumti

2.1. what is involved in the relationship expressed by the selbri in a bridi

2.2. pro-sumti

2.2.1. a cmavo that refers to and/or can be used as a sumti

3. bridi

3.1. predicate that expresses a relationship between a number of sumti

3.2. pro-bridi

3.2.1. a cmavo that refers to a bridi and can also be used as a selbri

3.3. bridi tail

3.3.1. a selbri possibly followed by attached sumti

4. selbri

4.1. the relationship expressed in a bridi

4.2. gadri

4.2.1. article: transforms a selbri into a sumti

4.3. sumtcita

4.3.1. tags to specify further elements of a selbri (tenses, ...)

4.4. tanru

4.4.1. a compound selbri

4.4.2. ziltau part of a tanru tertau modified part of a tanru seltau modifier part of a tanru

5. rafsi

5.1. combining form of a gismu or a cmavo

6. valsi

6.1. word

6.2. cmevla

6.2.1. word ending with a consonant. Normally used as a name

6.3. cmavo

6.3.1. particle V-form CV-form VV-form CVV-form

6.3.2. sema'o grammar class of a cmavo

6.4. brivla

6.4.1. word that express a relationship always end in a vowel always contain a consonant pair in the first five letters always are stressed on the next-to-the-last (penultimate) syllable

6.4.2. gismu words expressing a basic relationship always have five letters always start with a consonant and end with a single vowel always contain exactly one consonant pair are always stressed on the first syllable

6.4.3. lujvo word created joining two or more rafsi

6.4.4. fu'ivla word imported from another language

7. cmene

7.1. name: a cmavo of selma'o LA followed by one or more cmevla or by a bridi tail

8. mekso

8.1. methematical experssion