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Nekfeu par Mind Map: Nekfeu

1. Music

1.1. his style f musics :rap

1.2. Song themes: life, love, fame

1.3. Most famous Song:humanoïde

1.4. his beigining: in 2011 with 1995 labels

1.5. his featuring:with sneazzy,Mz,Orelsan,Ninho...

2. identity

2.1. he is 27 years old

2.2. he has french nationality

2.3. is name is nekfeu but his reel name is ken samaras

2.4. physical descriptin: he have a long hair ,a little bearb ,a basic t-shirt with a sweatshirt a jeans hole and a basket

2.5. he is rapper and actor

2.6. he creat a label "S-crew" with other rapper

3. performances

3.1. his brand ;seine zoo

3.2. TV shows different programme tv

3.3. his movies: tout nous sépare

3.4. movies: he did concerts all over France

4. audience and fans

4.1. teengagers

4.2. Aduls

4.3. child

5. my relation to the singer

5.1. the first time when I heard nekfeu was on the radio

5.2. my favorite song is humanoïde

5.3. why I like him? because i like how he rap