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Governance par Mind Map: Governance

1. Stories


1.1.1. to be able to register SO THAT I can participate OPTIONS I would like to enter my email address and have access to a database present me with my details NOTES

1.1.2. to be able to verify my identity SO THAT reliable documentation is used to assure other members that I am a legitimate member governance votes cannot be manipulated by outsiders and to protect private company business

1.1.3. to be able to be democratically "fired" by my peers SO THAT members who are dangerous, damaging  or extremely unproductive may be removed NOTES A majority of "n" would be required

1.1.4. to be able to define a new proposal SO THAT I can effect change in the community and contribute to my companies success NOTES Synopsis - Supporting docs - Participating Clusters - Participating Members - Voting (Yes or No; or Multiple Choice)

1.1.5. to get as much visibility for my propsoal as anyone else's SO THAT I can turst the governance process

1.1.6. a convenient way to view proposals SO THAT It is easy to be aware of be able to vote on any proposal it is easy to guage how much support a proposal has and where that support is coming from NOTES - Filter/ Search / Browse by Council / default is top "n" to be able to easily see what percentage of the vote is and how it is broken down within the participating structural bodies

1.1.7. a convenient way to view approved proposals

1.1.8. to be able to vote on other member proposals SO THAT proposals with the greatest perceived value will receive the most attention

1.1.9. to be able to control my level of confidentiality SO THAT I can either be rewarded (by way of promotion or bonus?) for productive ideas or hide from machiavellian types


1.2.1. to be able to easily review the top “n" voted proposals SO THAT it can be reviewed (using agile MOSCOW)

1.2.2. to be able to change which Councils must vote to approve a proposal SO THAT All the required expertise can be brought to bear

1.2.3. to be able to change the way my council operates SO THAT the functioning of the council can be improved over time NOTES Paramaters can be created removed or changed:For example the top "n" number of propsoals that appears for each council of expertise

1.2.4. to be able to vote to elect or revoke Expert or Guiding Council membership SO THAT my cluster is autonomous and so that I can ensure that my cluster is performing effectively in the event of an emergency and/or total loss of confidence a member can be removed NOTES Emergency ability to vote any Guiding Council Member out immediately if the vote must be unanimous amongst 100% of the Council's Members


1.3.1. Emergency ability to vote any fellow Guiding Council Member out immediately SO THAT in the event of an emergency and/or total loss of confidence a member can be removed NOTES if the vote is unanimous across 100% of Guiding Council Members

1.3.2. the opportunity to cast a vote to change any aspect of the governance system

1.3.3. the ability to raise a proposal which only requires approval by a majority of Expert Councils SO THAT critical business can be taken care of without delay NOTES such proposals would be recorded on the ledger just as any other propsal would be such proposals could be views by any member in the approved queue

1.3.4. A majority of the quorum of Guiding Council Members may veto any proposal before it is added to the Agile pipeline SO THAT approved proposals which conflicted with vision and guidance could be killed off before they did damaged


1.4.1. to be able to determine quorums relating to voting criteria

1.4.2. to be able to determine issuance distribution

1.4.3. to be able to form genesis councils



2.1.1. Common Members can create prosoals and vote them up to councils

2.1.2. Council Members Genesis Council Strategy Council veto experience Facilitation Council Operational Councils


2.2.1. Genesis Council INITIAL SETUP Issuance Council creation and configuration Should ensure the full governance org structure is created prior to the friction created by democracy in mature stage Blockchain cannot be released until there are enough Strategy mebers required for voting quorum When blockchain released to wild it is replaced with the Strategy Council

2.2.2. Strategy Council VISION & DIRECTION Created when blockchain is released to wild Once created change can only occur democratically Power of Veto

2.2.3. Facilitation Council EXPEDITES COUNCIL NEEDS Proposal Routing Administrative Create Councils Prioritization Proposal execution

2.2.4. Operational Councils ROUTINE DECISION MAKING Finance Legal Marketing Compliance

3. Screens

3.1. End User

3.1.1. Proposal Maintenance

3.1.2. Member Maintenance

3.1.3. AUTHENTICATE Logon password forgot password Logout Register verify members

3.2. Facilitation Council

3.2.1. Council Type Maintenance

3.2.2. Proposal Type Maintenance

3.3. Everyone

3.3.1. DASHBOARD Search Text by hashtag by time By Member Emergency Boards Discussion Board Opening Board Proposal Board Quorum Alert Board Pipeline Board Trending Board Analysis

4. Datasets

4.1. Proposal Types

4.1.1. proposal type Isuance Tenure Software Policy

4.1.2. Relevant Councils

4.1.3. Primary Council

4.1.4. Opening board archive Grace period

4.1.5. Review Period Opening Board Council Board

4.1.6. Num proposals Trending Board Opening Board Council Board

4.1.7. Max Inactive Time if no voting AND exceeded this time then proposal automatically go to the council loop

4.2. Proposal Type Fields

4.2.1. Tenure Member Name Looks up all accumulated member data Action Hire Fire Demote Promote Change Justification Relevant threads Relevant URL's Num' Supporting members Show % basic & % council

4.3. Council Types

4.3.1. Council Type Name

4.3.2. Operating

4.3.3. Executive financial impact strategic

4.3.4. Minimum members

4.3.5. Max emembers

4.3.6. Minimum required for Quorum

4.3.7. How many member votes is one council vote worth

4.3.8. Relevant Proposal Types

4.4. Proposals

4.4.1. Proposal Name

4.4.2. Synopsis Premise Why How What

4.4.3. Urgency

4.4.4. Hashtag(s)

4.4.5. Additional Recipients Members Councils Private Recipients forms dynamic council

4.4.6. Operating

4.4.7. Executive financial impact strategic

4.4.8. See paramaters for this proposal type time resources money Expedited Financial Impact

4.4.9. Opening Board Positive Votes Negative Votes Net Votes

4.4.10. Council Board Positive Votes Negative Votes Net Votes

4.4.11. Total Votes

4.5. Members

4.5.1. Real Name First Last

4.5.2. Handles Handle 1 Handle 2 Handle n

4.5.3. Password

4.5.4. Backup

4.5.5. Skill Set LinkedIn Resume Website Blog Other...

4.5.6. Veto Power

4.5.7. council executive

4.5.8. Council Memberships

4.5.9. Micro payments Reputation Voting Proposal Voting

4.5.10. Discussion Boards Ability to Select Only Groups of Interest Displays only relevant forum Catgeories

4.5.11. Opening Board Positive Votes Negative Votes Net Votes/Reputation

4.5.12. Council Board Positive Votes Negative Votes Net Votes/Reputation