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Violence On Line par Mind Map: Violence On Line

1. La Dépendance aux Jeux Vidéos Court Metrage

2. Tellement Vrai - Au secours, mon ami est accro aux jeux video ! - NRJ 12 - 28.10.2016

3. L'addiction aux jeux vidéo peut mener au drame: Game Over!

4. 5 Killings Inspired By Video Games!

5. Video, posted by the White House "Violence in Video Games"

6. The US president has argued that there is a link between video games and shootings, relying on a video montage of violent scenes.

6.1. The White House published, Thursday, March 8, a video - not listed - on its Youtube channel entitled "Violence in video games". In the latter, a compilation of violent scenes from different video games, mostly blockbusters like Call of Duty, Wolfenstein or Fallout. This publication - unusual for the official account of the White House - comes after a private meeting held on the same day between Donald Trump, three members of the congress and several experts and manufacturers of video games.

6.1.1. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the possible link between violent video games and youth violence after the 14 February killing in Florida. "It's violent, is not it?" Would have asked Donald Trump to his audience by showing the video. "These video game scenes were found on YouTube, which contain extreme violence, intense gore and criminal behavior, and are not child-friendly," the White House said in a statement. There are studies that show a correlation between violence in video games and real violence.The conversation turned around the question: do violent video games, including video games that simulate murder graphically, desensitize our community to violence? "

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9. Les jeux vidéo rendent fou et violent

10. L'addiction aux Jeux Vidéo - Court métrage

11. Gamer Problems Call of Duty Black Ops Do Video Games Make Kids Violent

12. In November 2012, a study proves that violent video games are more violet than never. Done by scientists from the University of Grenoble in France, this study works on " long-term effects of video games's violence ". 70 male and female students was involved in this study. Each day some of them must play violent vidéo games and other non-violent video games during 3 days. At the end of each of these play sessions, the scientist ask them how will them react in a daily life conflict. Students who had played a violent video game imagine more aggressive reactions than the others. Then these students were opposed in a competition where the winners could punish the losers by a painfull sound. Violent video game players imagine hardest punishment for others. A trend has also emerged: the aggressive behavior of students subjected to a violent video game increased over time: it was superior the second day, and even more the third.

13. The content of video games has evolved since beginnings of this industry, fifty years ago. The arcade games with almost any special effects have been replaced by a lot of video games with incrédible realistic graphics and complex synopses. Many of these games are very violent. There is any rules in this field and young players have easily access to games that should be reserved for adults.

13.1. Unlike to violent movies, video games have an interactive character that worries many. The young player is not a simple witness of the violence that passes on the screen, he participates directly by controlling the movements of his avatar. This partially explains the fear of the fact that young people have access to very violent games. Encouraged to take cruel actions in a virtual world, will not young people be tempted to transpose their aggressiveness into the real world? The Answer is obiously YES !

13.1.1. We also often hear that video games have a negative impact on young players because they make them less altruistic and less sensitive to the suffering of others. It has often been said that some games are similar to simulators used by the US military for training soldiers, allegedly aimed at numbing the soldiers' sense of empathy to make them better recruits and real killer robot... There are so many thing to terrify parents who do not know what they can do against that ! When violent video games are used abusively by a young person who has significant psychological problems, or when they fall into the hands of very young children witch are not able to make the frontiere between the game and the real world, they act like a bomb. They destroy all the nice of the child to remplace it by aggressiveness. They ruined their childhood and make them candour disapear !

14. Laboratory and correlational studies often find a link between violent video games and minor or benign forms of aggressive behaviors (e.g., exposing an opponent to an unpleasant noise). Based on these studies, the media, lawmakers, and researchers often imply a link between violent video games and violent criminal behavior. Using a similar methodology employed by researchers to examine predictors of severe violent behaviors (Anderson, Bushman, & Groom, 1997), four time-series analyses investigated the associations among violent crime (homicides and aggravated assaults), video game sales, internet keyword searches for violent video game guides, and the release dates of popular violent video games both annually and monthly. Contrary to the claims that violent video games are linked to aggressive assaults and homicides, no evidence was found to suggest that this medium was positively related to real world violence in the United States. Unexpectedly, many of the results were suggestive of a decrease in violent crime in response to violent video games. Possible explanations for these unforeseen findings are discussed and researchers are cautioned about generalizing the results from laboratory and correlational studies to severe forms of violent behavior.

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