Part IV : Prohibition and Control of Pollution

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Part IV : Prohibition and Control of Pollution par Mind Map: Part IV : Prohibition and  Control  of Pollution

1. a) On the date, makes application for a licence in respect of those prescribed premises

1.1. b) Has made application for the transfer to him of a licence within the prescribed period

2. 18. Prescribed premises to be licenced

2.1. Not apply to a person who

3. 19. Prohibition against causing vehicle, ship or premises to become prescribed conveyance or prescribed premises

3.1. No person shall

3.1.1. a) Carry out any work on any vehicle, ship or premises that would cause them to become a prescribed conveyance or prescribed premises

3.1.2. b) construct on any land any building designed for a purpose that would cause land or building to become prescribed premises

4. 20. Requirement and approval of plans

4.1. Section 19 should be accompanied by

4.1.1. a) plan and specification of proposed work

4.1.2. b) lay-out plan

4.1.3. c) details of the trade, industry or proposed

4.1.4. d) description of waste constituents and characteristics

4.1.5. e) information which DG may require

5. 21. Power to specify conditions of emission, discharge, etc

6. 22. Restriction on pollution of the atmosphere

6.1. 1) No person shall unless licenced, emit or discharge any environmental hazardous substances, pollutants or wastes into the atmosphere

6.2. 2) Person shall be deemed if

6.2.1. a) place any matter in a place where it may be released

6.2.2. b) causes or permits the discharge of odours

6.2.3. c) burns any wastes of trade, process or industry

6.2.4. d) uses any fuel burning equipment not equipped with any device or control equipment required to be fitted

7. 23. Restriction on noise pollution

7.1. No person shall unless licenced emit noise greater in volume, intensity or quality than specified under section 21

8. 24. Restriction on pollution of the soil (or surface or any land)

9. 25. Restriction on pollution of inland waters

10. 27. Prohibition of discharge of oil into Malaysian waters

10.1. Can be charged a fine <RM5000 or to imprisonment <5 or both

11. 28. Special defences

11.1. a) for the purpose of securing the safety of vessel

11.1.1. a) for the purpose of securing the safety of vessel

11.1.2. b) for the purpose of saving human life

11.1.3. c) result of damage to vessel and all steps to prevent, stop or reduce were taken

11.1.4. d) result of leakage and all steps to stop or reduce leakage were taken

12. 29. Prohibition of discharge of wastes into Malaysian waters

12.1. A) Prohibition of open burning

12.1.1. Terminology "open burning" "premises"

12.2. AA) Exclusion from "open burning"

12.3. B) Owner or occupier of premises liable for open burning

12.3.1. Person who will control premises if open burning occurs Owner Occupier

12.4. C) Defence

13. 30. Power to prohibit use of any material or equipment

13.1. A) Power to control use of substance and product and to state environmental labelling

13.1.1. Gazette a) prescribe any substance as an environmentally hazardous substance b) prescribe any product as a prescribed product

13.2. B) Power to specify rules on deposit and rebate schemes

13.3. Gazette

13.3.1. a) Prohibit the use of any materials for any process, trade or industry

13.3.2. b) Prohibit whether by description or by brand name the use of any equipment or industrial plant

14. 31. Power to require owner or occupier to install, operate, repair, etc

14.1. A) Prohibition order, etc

14.2. Requirement

14.2.1. a) install and operate any control equipment or additional control equipment

14.2.2. b) repair, alter or replace any equipment or control equipment

14.2.3. c) erect or increase the height of any chimney

14.2.4. d) measure, take a sample, analyse, record and report any environmentally hazardous substance

14.2.5. e) conduct a study on any environmental risk

14.2.6. f) install, maintain and operate monitoring programme at the expense of the owner or occupier

14.2.7. g) adopt any measure

15. 32. Owner or occupier to maintain and operate equipment

16. 33. Power to prohibit or control licensed persons from discharging, etc of wastes in certain circumstances

16.1. Environmental audit

16.1.1. Purpose a) DG may appoint a qualified person b) DG ma request to appoint a qualified person from amongst the qualified persons listed

17. 34. Exemptions

17.1. A) Report on impact on environmental resulting from prescribed activities

17.2. AA) Prohibition order for prescribed activities

17.3. Part IVA : Control of scheduled wastes

17.3.1. 34B) Prohibition against placing, deposit, etc. of scheduled wastes. No person shall a) place, deposit or dispose of, or cause or permit to place, except at prescribed premises b) Receives or send, or cause or permit to be received or sent any scheduled wastes c) Transit or cause or permit the transit of scheduled wastes