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Thalassemia par Mind Map: Thalassemia

1. Alpha Thalassemia

1.1. Results from deficient or absent synthesis of alpha globin chain

1.1.1. gene HBA1

1.1.2. gene HBA2

1.2. types

1.2.1. Silent Carrier Asymptomatic slight reductions in MCV and MCH

1.2.2. α-thalassemia trait Asymptomatic slightly reduced MCV and MCH

1.2.3. HbH disease microcytic hypochromic hemolyticanemia splenomegaly mild jaundice

1.2.4. Hydrops fetalis severe anemia Die either in utero or shortly after birth

2. Beta Thalassemia

2.1. genetic deficiency in the synthesis of β polypeptide chains

2.1.1. beta zero thalassemia caused by mutation in HBB prevent the production of beta globin

2.1.2. beta plus thalassemia caused by mutation in HBB reduce the production of beta globin

2.2. types

2.2.1. Beta-thalassemia minor Asymptomatic

2.2.2. beta-thalassemia trait Mild microcytic anemia

2.2.3. Beta-thalassemia intermedia Asymptomatic Minimal anemia reduced MCV and MCH

2.2.4. Beta-thalassemia major progressive pallor abdominal distension decreased activity hepatosplenomegaly bony abnormalities