The Constellation Tool Box

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The Constellation Tool Box par Mind Map: The Constellation Tool Box

1. Create a SALTy atmosphere

1.1. A Salty playlist

1.2. Compassion exercice

1.3. Ready Pull!

1.4. Energizers

2. How to do it? Action planning

2.1. Chair exercice - Commitment to action and group blessing

2.2. Feedforward

3. What have we learned?

3.1. Creativity to support the sharing of lessons learned

3.1.1. Presentation of "who are we?" step by participants (in French)

3.2. Constellation learning tools

4. Welcome tensions

4.1. The Mandala of our truths

4.1.1. The Mandala of our Truths - A tool to explore tensions - by Célicia Theys

4.2. Speaking circle /Cercle de parole

5. SALT and CLCP introduction

5.1. "A story that resonates"

5.2. "Dancing Jajas" Video projection

5.2.1. Access the film with English subtitles

5.2.2. Accès au film avec des sous-titre en Français

5.3. "From expert to facilitator"

6. Who am'I?

6.1. Images and objects to facilitate individual presentations

6.2. "Concerns and hopes"

6.3. "Masks off"

6.4. "The story of me"

6.5. Where were you born? How did that shape you as to who you are today?

7. Where do we want to be? Dream building

7.1. Human sculptures

7.2. Facilitate the dream, video by Ricardo Walters

7.3. Collective dream in a creative way

7.4. Pantoums to facilitate individual dream to emerge