SWE.6 Software Qualification Test

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SWE.6 Software Qualification Test par Mind Map: SWE.6 Software Qualification Test

1. Purpose: The purpose of the Software Qualification Test Process is to ensure that the integrated software is tested to provide evidence for compliance with the software requirements.

1.1. SWE.6.BP1: Develop software qualification test strategy including regression test strategy

1.1.1. Define Test strategy for SW Functional Testing and Regression strategy. Test Strategy should cover - Test methods used to verify the Software Design, Test data that needs to be used for testing derived from Software Detailed Design, Test Coverage Goals, Entry / Exit criteria and approach to handle failed test cases as part of Regression

1.1.2. Outcomes: Test plan

1.2. SWE.6.BP2: Develop specification for software qualification test

1.2.1. Develop Test specification for verifying the Software Requirements. Define Acceptance criteria for Software Unit Testing completion and goals for ex: Test coverage should be 80%

1.2.2. Outcomes: Test Specification

1.3. SWE.6.BP3: Select test cases

1.3.1. Select the test cases as per the Release plan and Project plan . This means that based on the Features planned to be released by Milestone, the test cases will be selected from Test spec and executed.

1.3.2. Outcomes: Test Specification

1.4. SWE.6.BP4: Test integrated software.

1.4.1. Execute the test cases identified in the test specification and verify compliance to Requirements are met i.e all Functional and Non-Functional Requirements are met . Software Requirements that has a strong dependency on the Hardware can be tested as part of HIL Testing.

1.4.2. Outcomes: Test results

1.5. SWE.6.BP5: Establish bidirectional traceability

1.5.1. Traceability between Software Requirements and test spec / Functional test spec and test results

1.5.2. Outcomes: Traceability record, Review record

1.6. SWE.6.BP6: Ensure consistency

1.6.1. Traceability between Software Requirements and test spec / Functional test spec and test results

1.6.2. Review of the Test spec and Test results

1.6.3. Outcomes: Traceability record and Review record

1.7. SWE.6.BP7: Summarize and communicate results

1.7.1. Communicate the Software Functional Testing results to all stakeholders - Test summary report should be consolidated and communicated

1.7.2. Outcomes: Communication record