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Customer Service par Mind Map: Customer Service

1. Sewer / Europe / Partnered Re-sellers

1.1. Culture

1.1.1. People who are OK in their role mixed with new hires who are motivated to succeed

1.1.2. New people can flex into the other teams to pick/pack/ship

1.1.3. Their Non-demanding, non-complex customer base really like them

1.1.4. Typically one "rising-star" on this team

1.2. Team

1.2.1. Adam D Order Processing SAEU/NL Partnered Re-sellers Opportunity follow up Follow up open quotes Order Fulfillment Support Pick/Pack/Ship & train new OF hires

1.2.2. Ken Sewer Dealer Support Order Processing Order Fulfillment Lead Time Quoting (A2P)

1.2.3. Scotty (Part Time) Lead time expediting - Sewer Shop scheduling Pick / Pack / Ship when very busy

1.2.4. Kyle Pick / Pack / Ship Backup SAEU/NL Order Processing Cross train - Sewer Dealer Support

1.3. Vision

1.3.1. Order Processing Heavy

1.3.2. Entry level OF team member

1.3.3. Very little production support needed

1.3.4. Salesforce Maintenance

1.3.5. Some sales qualifications

2. North American Sales & Branches

2.1. Vision

2.1.1. StoneAge Assurance Experts Can process all Service Orders

2.1.2. React Quickly, when needed No process barriers Little time spent waiting for information

2.1.3. Customer familiarity Knowledge of the plant/job Know what is urgent, what can wait Know what the RSMs & Branches are working on

2.1.4. Branch support Can allocate for walk-in orders Branches can hand-off orders Partnered with Office Managers

2.1.5. RSM Support Can deliver same level of support as a Branch for customer inquiries, quotes, etc Tied out in Salesforce

2.1.6. Provides on-boarding and training to other teams

2.1.7. Under certain circumstances, this team can order purchased parts

2.2. Culture

2.2.1. This team WOW's Customers

2.2.2. Not the most technical, but we have Branch Managers and RSMs that can fill the void

2.2.3. Anyone can answer the phone

2.2.4. Do anything for the customer, understands the urgency & balances accordingly

2.2.5. Always having fun

2.3. Team

2.3.1. Randy Pull / Pack / Ship

2.3.2. Wendy Transfer Orders Order Processing Cross train to Customer Support Pull / Pack / Ship Write POs for redistributed parts

2.3.3. Kevin Simmons Customer Support Technical Quoting On-boarding and Employee Training/development

2.3.4. Grady Branch Customer Support Cross Train to AE Quoting Lead Time Quoting (A2P) Help Branches set up will call and receiving Bins Back-up Material Coordinator

3. ROW

3.1. Vision

3.1.1. Logistics Experts

3.1.2. Facilitating/Improving the ease of account management (AR aging, logistic standards, etc)

3.1.3. Lowest mis-ships, highest on-time delivery

3.1.4. This team can flex anywhere

3.1.5. Provides advanced training to other teams

3.2. Culture

3.2.1. Highly Technical

3.2.2. Can be trusted

3.3. Team

3.3.1. Daniel ROW Sales Support Lead Time Quoting (A2P) ROW Order Processing / Quote Creation

3.3.2. Kristi Logistics Pick Pack Ship Cross train to process ROW orders

3.3.3. Kevin Short Part time Pull / Pack / Ship

4. Operations Support for Customer Service Team

4.1. Production Coordination

4.1.1. Master Production Scheduling (Aaron) Lead-time expediting Spends most time with Customer Service, directs production based on customer need

4.1.2. Material Coordination (Andy)

4.1.3. RMAs (Andy)

4.2. Procurement

4.2.1. Redistributed/BTO order writing (Grady)

4.2.2. Rest of Procurement Team (Chrissi)

4.3. Order Fulfillment & Shipping

4.3.1. Flex players

4.3.2. Newest of the New Hires

4.4. Assembly (Matt)

4.4.1. Large

4.4.2. Small

4.4.3. Kits

4.5. AR and Credit Support (Marcy)

4.6. Shop

5. Branches

5.1. Walk-in Customers

5.2. Future CS Team-Members should be considered here

5.3. Has capability to write POs, but no longer dealing with PO suggestions

6. Repair and Returns

6.1. Vision

6.1.1. This is a stepping Stone Position

6.1.2. Very Standardized

6.1.3. A place to kick the tires on a "Rising Star" Best with Customers? Best with EPICOR? Best with Process Improvement?

6.1.4. Flex into a helper for any Customer Service "PODs"