My First iPhone Map

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My First iPhone Map par Mind Map: My First iPhone Map

1. Welcome

1.1. salut kais

1.2. This is your first local mind map

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2. You can

2.1. Create, view and edit mind maps online and offline

2.2. Share maps with friends

2.3. Sync your online maps

2.3.1. create a free MindMeister account in "Account" (if you don't yet have one)

2.4. Insert Geistesblitzes

3. Uses

3.1. Brainstorm and gather ideas

3.2. Take and share meeting notes

3.3. Plan and collaborate on projects

3.4. Manage and assign tasks

4. Help

4.1. Press + to insert ideas

4.2. Pinch to zoom in and out

4.3. Double-tap to edit ideas

4.4. Drag & drop to rearrange

4.5. Changes are saved automatically when you exit the map editor or application