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Promote Sustainable Tourism par Mind Map: Promote Sustainable Tourism

1. 3. Un tourisme éthique -> un tourisme responsable ?

1.1. Source : Google

1.1.1. Keywords : tourisme éthique

1.2. Un tourisme responsable serait un tourisme s'opposant au tourisme de masse. Ce dernier engendrerait une sur-consommation de ressources qui à terme serait nocif pour la planète (ex: pollution) et la population entière. (Qu'est-ce que le tourisme responsable ? - › Voyage)

1.2.1. Ainsi, le tourisme responsable reposerait sur 3 piliers : participer au développement économique local, préserver la nature, et rencontrer la population locale. (Qu’est-ce que le tourisme responsable ? - Pachamama Voyages)

2. 6. An example of sustainable tourism

2.1. Source : Google Search (Personal input)

2.1.1. Keywords : Turtles Caribbean Tourism

2.2. The Benefits of Turtle Tourism | Wild Frontiers

2.2.1. Turtles are in danger in the Caribbean. But regulated and monitored tourism can actually help. Tourists are attracted to Turtle Tourism because they want to see turtles, which benefits the country, and they are willing to pay good money. This money is them use to treat and preserve turtles. It's an ethical and win-win virtue circle.

3. 7. "Eco-tourism"

3.1. Keywords : tourism durability

3.1.1. Source : The Economist

3.2. Can eco-tourism help save the ocean? | The Economist

3.2.1. There are benefits in promoting the protection of natural resources. People are willing to pay good money and behave well to see protected areas or rare animals. So this might be a lead although it's not very a spread business model. The money is then used to protect endangered species, clean the ocean etc.

3.3. A non-polluting touristic location. Bungalows made from local materials allowing to reduce the environmental impact through green energies, waste recycling...

3.4. Ressource : &

4. 9. Thailand and the fallout of mass tourism

4.1. Keywords : Documentary tourism

4.1.1. Source : DW Documentary

4.2. Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism | DW Documentary

5. 9. Promoting Ethical Travelling

5.1. Keywords : podcast ethical tourism

5.1.1. Source : Podcast named "The Ethical Traveler Podcast"

5.2. The Ethical Traveler Podcast | Ethical Traveler

5.2.1. Throughout his show, this avid traveller shares tips and talks about ways to travel in an ethically.

5.3. 3 good reasons to promote sustainable mobility - Ecobnb

5.3.1. Benefits of sustainable mobility: - Better physical and mental health - Good for the economy

6. 10. Mass tourism in developed countries.

6.1. Keywords : mass tourism europe

6.1.1. Source : BBC NEWS

6.2. Is tourism killing Venice? - BBC News

6.2.1. Even big cities in rich countries can be overwhelmed by tourism. It's destroying the locals' quality of life through pollution (noise pollution for instance), crowded streets etc etc.

7. SYNTHESIS : One of the biggest issues the world has been facing lately due to globalization is the rise of tourism. Sadly, mass tourism causes tremendous pollution and is responsible for a lot of social predicaments (loss of housing etc). However, tourism can be sustainable if it follows some guidelines.

7.1. Are mass tourism and ethical tourism really incompatible ?

8. Topic 11 : Why is responsible tourism so important nowadays ?

8.1. Source : Sustainable tourism podcast ABC Radio National

8.1.1. This one-off podcast recorded in mid-2019 explains the importance of sustainable tourism in our era and what exactly it is. It is presented by Pauline Sheldon, Professor Emerita at the University of Hawaii’s School of Travel Industry Management. She also talks about over tourism and that nowadays we need to think differently and redesign an industry that is going to be a lot more sustainable as we go in the future. Illustration of sustainable tourism by unuk

9. 1. Global Research.

9.1. Keywords : tourism

9.1.1. Source : Learning Hub EM Lyon

9.2. "Du tourisme durable au tourisme équitable - Quelle éthique pour le tourisme de demain ?", Bernard Schéou

9.2.1. Dans le cadre de la mondialisation, l'essor du tourisme apporte de nouvelles problématiques. Au delà de la dimension de durabilité, une perspective d'éthique et d'équité entre les pays du Nord et du Sud peut aussi être soulevée.

10. 2. Un tourisme éthique ?

10.1. Keywords : tourisme durable

10.1.1. Source : Learning Hub EM Lyon

10.2. "Marketing du tourisme durable",Rouzet, Emmanuelle, Seguin, Gérard

10.2.1. Dans le cadre du développement durable, il est important de faire la promotion d'un tourisme répondant à des préoccupations environnementales, sociales et économiques. Quelles stratégies adopter, et comment promouvoir un tel tourisme ?

11. 4. What is "mass tourism" ?

11.1. Source : Google

11.1.1. Keywords : mass tourism

11.2. Relatively new phenomenon due to globalization. "Today, people make over one billion international trips a year, double those made 20 years ago.". AirB&B, vacation packages etc make it easier for everybody to travel regardless of their financial situation. This can serve as an explanation of this increase. (The Unsustainability of Mass Tourism - Brown Political Review

11.2.1. This phenomenon is the source of incivility (culture clashes with the population, degradation of historical places), gentrification (destruction of local neighborhoods), loss of identity (depopulation in big cities due to the overwhelming tourism, or even wrongfully "glamorized" image due to social media), or even price wars that can have an economical impact on the country of destination. (Mass tourism — problems and solutions to an increasingly widespread phenomenon

12. 5. Should we decrease tourism to save it ?

12.1. Keywords : save tourism

12.1.1. Source : Ted Talk

12.2. How to save tourism from itself | Doug Lansky | TEDxStockholmSalon

12.2.1. Should sustainable tourism mean to pat a halt to mass tourism ? Can't the two cohabit ? The amount of people doing tourism is not particularly the issue per say, although it is a strong factor. But in reality, the biggest issue is the way they're "doing" tourism.

12.3. Sustainable Tourism - A modern eco friendly perspective on tourism | Sumesh Mangalasseri | TEDxCET

12.3.1. - Impact on drinkable water( tourist cousums way more water than locals) - Impact on the privacy of locals people - Displacement of population - Locals are not benefiting enough from tourism

13. 8. Polluted Oceans

13.1. Keywords : pollution ocean

13.1.1. Source : National Geographic Photo (Personal input)


13.2.1. This bullet point is just an image and not an article. I think it's a good illustration of what is at stake, and the whole matter of the subject. Mass tourism is responsible for the deterioration of the ocean. They're usually being careless about their wastes and pollute the ocean without acknowledging it.