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Discussion Wikipédia Pédagogie active par Mind Map: Discussion Wikipédia Pédagogie active

1. Citation de Freinet pas assez récente

1.1. Datant de 1964

2. Pas d’intérêt réel selon une contributrice

2.1. Pas d'études qui démontrent l'efficacité de cette pédagogie

3. Fondements scientifiques ? Lien avec l'active learning?

3.1. La page d'"active learning" est beaucoup plus documentée

4. La pédagogie active n'a pas de fondements scientifiques sérieux

4.1. Les références bibliographiques sont très pauvres, on y trouve un prospectus d'entreprise, une page web tirée du campus TIC de l'Université de Limoges... Documents qui ne poussent pas à la réflexion

5. Pauvreté des sources scientifiques

5.1. Cette page Wikipédia n'a pas réellement de sources scientifiques, quelques auteurs tels que Maria Montessori et Célestin Freinet y sont mentionnés.

6. Talk about Active learning

7. This pedagogy are controversial

7.1. Discussion about the importance of traditional educartion

7.2. "Traditional education, for instance, seems a more appropriate section to assert the kind of things we can now read here"

8. Pedagogical freedom

8.1. "I must recognize that you, anonymous, have been involved in a very active [!] learning process here, of course, with the very helpful guidance"

9. Progressing in knowledge

9.1. The importance of our experience and our pedagogic habits

10. The NCLB act authoritarian view on education

10.1. Opportunities for active learning will be reduced where people are regarded as individuals and personal potential is value.

11. The "future" of the No Child Lelf Behind (NCLB) standard-based

11.1. prescribed levels of performance

11.2. "These academic hurdles will be set too high for some"

12. Subdivision of "Active learning"

12.1. More specific definition need to be given to distinguish different categories of these concepts.

13. Read the literature and learn

13.1. This topic has been debated since the 1960

14. Neutral Point Of View Issues

14.1. Freedom of speech

15. Delete this page

15.1. This page is a recommandation of various instructional methods

15.2. " A definition of "active learning" is not offered, perhaps because no definition is generally agreed to by researchers or educators"