EP Multiple Organisers / Events

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EP Multiple Organisers / Events par Mind Map: EP Multiple Organisers / Events

1. Features

1.1. EP Admin Dashboard (H)

1.1.1. Event (H) Setup "EVENT" (H) Assign Organiser(s) profiles to an Event. (H) Assign Organisers Assistant(s) profiles to an Event and/or Event Instance(s)

1.1.2. Event Instance (H) Setup "EVENT INSTANCE" (H) Provide URL to be embedded on event website (L) Select credit card gateway provider (H) Assign DPS account details to event instance (H) Ability to toggle between live and test DPS account details (H) Assign Merchandise for Event Instance (M) Enable pricing for event instance Date Range Transaction % or $ Amount Included transactions

1.1.3. Profiles (H) Search profiles (H) View which events have visibility of each profile (H) Provide an event visibility to a profile (H) View email bounces

1.2. User experience (H)

1.2.1. (H) Entering via the EVENT website - must contain person to context of the event Signin Signout PW Reset Profile Creation Profile View / Edit Family Member Profile Creation Family Member Profile View / Edit Event Registration Creation Event Registration View / Edit Family Member Event Registration Family Member Event Registration View / Edit

1.2.2. (L) Viewing via EventPlus Generic functions - EP branded Signin Signout PW Reset Profile Creation Family Member Profile Creation Profile View / Edit Family Member Profile View / Edit Passthru to event entry link - contained to that experience once passed off to event link

1.2.3. (H) User Experience Refactor Lessen EP presense User feedback Independant expert evalation Go for quick wins

1.3. Organiser Functions - Event Setup (L)

1.3.1. Event

1.3.2. Event Instance (L) Update event instance details (L) Create new event instance (L) Create from scratch - imagine a wizard (L) Clone Event instance

1.3.3. Merchandise (M) Only view merchandise for the organisers events (L) Clone merchandise (L) Create new merchandise (M) Specify where merchandise is available Event Entry Form Event Stand alone store Organiser generic store (not specific to an event)

1.4. Organiser Functions - Operational (H)

1.4.1. (H) Organiser Dashboard Reports (H) Profile Reporting Administration (H) Update profiles (H) Update Event Entries (H) Offline Entries (M) Messaging

2. Timeline

2.1. Staging

2.1.1. Stage 1 One Organizer One Event Create profile Enter event Data One Organizer One Event Lots of participants Each participant has one profile

2.1.2. Stage 2 One Organizer One Event Family Profile Organiser Admin Reporting Edit profile Edit Entry

2.1.3. Stage 3 Multi Organizer Multiple organisers can use EP Events can have mulitple organisers MultiEvent Organizer can own more than one event Organizer Dashboard Enhanced Reporting Profiles Entries Bulk Messaging User Experience Refactor Minimise EP Explore streamlining process Commecialising styling Operational Backups Failover Load Balance Refactor TODOs and FIXMEs Restructure to package format C5 Standards Compliance Test Tools Deploy Scripting Process Development Agile focus Formal Documentation PHPDocumentor