Grant Data Analysis Project Plan

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Grant Data Analysis Project Plan par Mind Map: Grant Data Analysis Project Plan

1. Principles of Data Analysis - small paper - 5 pages or so with relevant references - idea is that this document can be applied to any future grant (pretty much)

2. Specific Data analysis plan for Digital Med Ed grant - based on principles and tailored to digital med ed, its data, its members, its purposes, its outcomes

2.1. this could be the basis for writing part of our methods section of papers

3. Create a database in atlas ti of all of our data to data

3.1. Develop coding scheme

3.2. Thinking about & writing memos in Atlas Ti

3.3. Coding

3.3.1. Create coding schedule with timelines

3.4. Learning Atlas Ti

4. Develop summaries etc according to codes or themes

4.1. button

4.2. space and technologies

4.3. workarounds

4.4. etc