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Adv web app par Mind Map: Adv web app

1. Advantage web

1.1. Global search

1.1.1. Profiles

1.1.2. Networks

1.1.3. Learnings LOs Flexi Folders

1.1.4. Feeds


1.1.6. All results

1.2. Admin module

1.2.1. Comments delete

1.2.2. User Add Reset password Changed by admin Send an email reset Edit Sorting Text controls Up/down controls Search Delete Inactivate Lock

1.2.3. Settings Menu settings Select menu Unselect menu Search Column settings Widget settings Access rights settings Add control Remove control

1.3. Social network module

1.3.1. Networks Add Network post types Moderated Not moderated Edit Network types Open By approval Delete Search

1.3.2. User profile Edit Hide user details Notifications Email notification To Do list

1.3.3. Connections Add Remove Block Search Accept Decline

1.3.4. News feed User posts Network posts Direct post LO posts Post options

1.3.5. Learning module LO Assign/unassign Search Bookmarking Launch Sorting Closure LO feed LO view Flexi folder Search All options from LO section

1.4. Quick link section

1.4.1. Home

1.4.2. Profile

2. LMS Admin

2.1. User module

2.1.1. Paging

2.1.2. User Search Groups Assign Unassign Sorting Up/down controls Text filters LO Assign Unassign Edit User devices View Delete

2.2. Group

2.2.1. Group search

2.2.2. Group/subgroup options Add Delete Edit LO Assign Unassign Edit Users Assign Unassign

2.3. Learning item

2.3.1. List of users

2.3.2. LO Delete Edit Search Import new Audio Video Assessment Course Tutorial Pdf file

2.4. Flexi Folders

2.4.1. FF/subfolder options Resources Resource types Delete Upload new resource Edit Assign Add Edit Delete

2.4.2. Only parent ff options Search Groups Assign Unassign

2.5. Reporting

2.5.1. Report by person

2.5.2. Report by learning object

2.5.3. KPMG RC report

2.6. Quick link section

2.6.1. User

2.6.2. Group

2.6.3. Learning item

2.6.4. Flexible folder

2.6.5. Reporting

2.6.6. Privacy Statement

2.6.7. Support

2.6.8. Terms of use