HGFA Organisation

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HGFA Organisation par Mind Map: HGFA  Organisation

1. State and Regional bodies

1.1. ACT HG & PG Association

1.1.1. Clubs Dusty Demons Hang Gliding Club Inc

1.2. Hang Gliding Association of WA

1.2.1. Clubs Albany Hang Gliding Club Inc Cloudbase Paragliding Club Inc Goldfields Dust Devils Inc WA Hill Flyers Club Inc WA Skypirates Paramotoring Club Western Microlight Club Inc Western Soarers Inc

1.3. New South Wales HG Association (NSWHGA)

1.3.1. Clubs Blue Mountains Hang Gliding Club Inc Central Coast Sky Surfers East Oz Microlight Club Inc Illawarra Hang Gliding Club Inc Kosciousko Alpine Paragliding Club Inc Lake Macquarie Flyers Club Inc Manilla Skysailors Inc Newcastle Paragliding Club Northern Beaches Hang Gliding Club Northern Rivers HG and PG Club Inc Stanwell Park HG & PG Club Inc Sydney Hang Gliding Club Inc Sydney Paragliding Club Inc Sydney Paragliding and Hang Gliding Club

1.4. North Queensland Hang Gliding Association

1.4.1. Clubs Cairns Hang Gliding Club Inc Paradise Flyers Incorporated Townsville Hang Gliding Club Inc Whitsundays Hang Gliding Club Inc. Wicked Wings Club-Toowoomba District PG & HG Club Inc

1.5. SE Queensland Assocation (SEQLD)

1.5.1. Clubs Canungra Hang Gliding Club Inc Capricornia Paraflyers Inc Central Queensland Skyriders Inc Conondale XC Flyers Club Inc Dalby Hang Gliding Club Inc Fly Killarney Inc Sunshine Coast Hang Gliding Club Inc

1.6. South Australian HG Association

1.6.1. Clubs Alice Springs HG and PG Club

1.7. Tasmanian HG and PG Association (THPA)

1.7.1. Safety Officers HG SSO: Hugh Glenn HG SSO: Boris Marold PG SSO: Rob Steane PG SO: Ramon Brasnja PG SO: Phil Joughin

1.7.2. Committee President: Phil Joughin Vice-president: Iain Clarke Secretary/ Treasurer: Rob Steane

1.8. Victorian HG and PG Association (VHPA)

1.8.1. Clubs Dynasoarers Hang Gliding Club Inc Melbourne Hang Gliding Club Inc NEVHGC Skyhigh Paragliding Club Inc Southern Microlight Club Inc The Pico Club Inc Victorian Air Hogs Inc Western Victoria Hang Gliding Club Inc

2. Disciplinary tribunals

3. Committees

3.1. Management

3.1.1. National Member 1 ? Member 2 Mark Rossi Member 3 Chris Noye Member 4 Brian Webb

3.1.2. State and Regional ACTHPA Matt Smith NQLD ? NSWHPA Phillip de la Hunty SAHPA Rob Woodward SEQLD Paul Green THGPA Iain Clarke VHPA Mark Pike WAHPA Peter South

3.2. Sub committees

3.2.1. Competitions Paul Green, HGFA Committee Frank Adler (PG) David Gibbs (PG) Steve Nagle (PG) Brett Coupland (PPG)

3.2.2. Safety and Operations Rob Woodward, HGFA Committee Godrey Wenness (PG) Phil Hystek (PG) Andrew Polidano (PPG) Kevin McNally (WSM) Peter McLean (WSM)

3.2.3. Rohan Holtkamp (HG)

4. Staff

4.1. Chief Operating Officer

4.1.1. Office Manager Office assistant

4.1.2. Projects Officer