Ireland is NOT a Celtic country

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Ireland is NOT a Celtic country par Mind Map: Ireland is NOT a Celtic country

1. Origins

1.1. Basques

1.2. less celtic than GB

1.2.1. >> Actually more teutonic than celtic

1.3. "Celtic" word used by the Greeks first, 600 BC

1.3.1. Then used in the XVIIIth century by the English: Classification, Linguistic

1.4. Irish = descendant of Gaelic language = descendant of Celtic language >> Commonly called "Celtic"

1.4.1. 100 A.D Greek geographer Ptolemy says "Celtic speaking country" But 200 years ago, everyone spoke Irish, now they speak english, does language relate to the culture?

1.5. Celts didn't write anything, they passed down stories orally

1.5.1. No evidence

2. Why do they FEEL celtic

2.1. Tourism

2.2. popular image >> sells

2.3. Differentiation from England

2.4. Irish Culture = XIXth (dance etc)

2.5. More of a "modern label" than an historical fact

2.6. England actually has the richest traditions of celtic arts or evidence found via archeology

3. Historical Point of view

3.1. First civilisation believed to have declined

3.1.1. Newgrange (3200BC)

3.2. Celtic Revival comes after the great famine

3.2.1. --> Sociological reasons

3.2.2. --> search the past to forget the present

3.3. Book of Invasions

3.3.1. Archeology

3.3.2. Celtic artefact "La tene" art style, found in Ireland, BUT only a few pieces ( 500 bc) These artefacts belong to an aristocratic Elite, who may have settled here. Later spread in Ireland ( 200 bc)

3.3.3. No change during Bronze Age and Iron Age, the population was the same, no invasion