Airbus General Information

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Airbus General Information par Mind Map: Airbus General Information

1. 7 Segments

1.1. 50 Seats

1.2. 70/85 Seats

1.3. 100 Seats

1.4. 125/210 Seats

1.5. Small-Twin-Aisle

1.6. Intermediate Twin Aisle

1.7. VLA

2. Commercial Trends

2.1. Evolution of customer demand

2.1.1. Passenger and freight traffic is expected to grow by 4 –5% p.a. to 2020, increasing requirements for operational efficiency, both on the ground and in the air

2.1.2. Passenger air traffic should grow by 4.0 to 4.8% p.a. over the next 20 years

2.1.3. EU's 2020 Vision of airport operations includes shortened and more secured flows, thus highlighting operational efficiency improvements needed

2.2. Make/buy/partner trends in the value chain

2.2.1. The level of outsourced maintenance services by airlines is increasing, especially for highly technical maintenance Airlines focusing on their core business (i.e. flying) Airlines cost cutting willingness Airlines lead time reduction willingness Age of the airline / Age of the fleet Level of technical expertise in-house

2.3. Evolution of competitive dynamics

2.3.1. Development of alliances: Potential for consolidation in the sector (open skies impact on ownership)

2.3.2. Polarization of business models and clearer segmentation

2.4. Canges in operating environment

2.4.1. The operating environment of airlines / airports is expected to change drastically towards more liberalization but also more constraints

2.4.2. Security has been a rising bottleneck in airports and is expected to remain a major constraint by 2020

2.4.3. Environmental constraints are rising and are due to be a major issue by 2020, although no industry initiative is truly in place Dismantling and recycling of aircrafts could be become a major constraint for airline as it is a polluting phase Airbus has launched projects (Pamela,Tarmack) to test the economic viability (break-even) of such services: $2m revenues per aircraft Potential need for environmental consulting. Specialized consultancies have so far declared being incompetent in the airline industry as it supports very specific constraints

2.4.4. Pilot Shortage as a major issue Need for 7,500-8,000 pilots and equal number or more air cabin crew by 2010 VLA: Estimated need for 1,100 aircrafts over the next 20 years

3. 3 short-listed trends

3.1. MRO

3.1.1. Market Data Asia and the Middle East are the key growing region for the MRO industry

3.2. Commercial Training

3.3. Airport operations

4. Roadmap MRO

4.1. Different Segments

4.2. Core capabilities