Let the Research Come to You

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Let the Research Come to You par Mind Map: Let the Research Come to You

1. YouTube

1.1. User Lists

1.1.1. APA

1.1.2. All About Psychology

1.1.3. TED Talks Playlist TED Talks Director Paradox of Choice

1.1.4. Michael Britt Playlists http://www.youtube.com/user/rodolfo1114/playlists

1.2. Top 10 Psychology Videos

1.3. Channel RSS Feed

1.3.1. http://www.youtube.com/rss/user/YourChannelNameHere/feed.rss

1.4. The Complete Guide To YouTube Playlists

2. News Sites and Blogs

2.1. Blog List

2.1.1. Gather RSS Feeds Google Spreadsheet of these feeds Casually Peruse the Blog Articles Individually Create One Combined RSS Feed

3. Twitter

3.1. Top Psychologists on Twitter

3.1.1. Members of this list @clairlemon @DrPamSpurr @sentientist @DanTGilbert @amyjccuddy @KathrynAsbury1 @DrMendonsa916 @mkonnikova @R_Thaler @mbritt @SatoshiKanazawa @Psych_Writer @WiringTheBrain @Neuro_Skeptic @sbaroncohen @MillerLabMIT @drjudithbeck @BPSOfficial @DrLeeKeyes @sbkaufman @DrMiriam @GaryMarcus @DrMelanieG @psychmag @RRS_consultancy @mollycrockett @hugospiers @sgbrownlow @drmargieholmes @drcherylarutt @drcherylarutt @utafrith @profsimons @bradleyvoytek @hghalvorson @JesseBering @DrCraigMalkin @psychoBOBlogy @neurobonkers @deevybee @claudiahammond @Shrink_at_Large @jgold85 @SamHarrisOrg @sapinker @JonHaidt @paulbloomatyale @suicideresearch @neurocritic @sjblakemore @ProfAndyField @orestesmantra @DrPetra @jonmsutton @DrEscotet @TVpsychologist @neuropsychblog @JamesPsychol @tendayiviki @tlomauro @HoneyLJames @OliverSacks @neuroconscience @TheSocialBrain @chriscfrench @danlevitin @stevennovella @Superherologist @theamygdaloid @ChildPsych @kellymcgonigal @DrMarsha @SteveStuWill @DrFinnerty @ProfCaryCooper @toddkashdan @rkurzban @davideagleman @ArkhamAsylumDoc @vaughanbell @garwboy @ciaranokeeffe @davidrock101 @swhitbo @NeuroWhoa @profbrucehood @RichardWiseman @mocost @TheJuryExpert @dylanwiliam @DrDavidBallard @DocJohnG @psych101 @DrB_AngerMgt @AndreaKuszewski @sophiescott @thebrainlady @marcoiacoboni @maiasz @sandygautam @David_Dobbs @MelissaMcCreery @grahamjones @drkiki @aleksk @DrKathleenYoung

3.1.2. 1) Follow Each One Check Your Twitter Results Frequently Tweetbot Tweetdeck Twitter Desktop twitter website

3.1.3. 2) Search through each person's twitter stream SnapBird https://twitter.com/search-advanced

3.1.4. 3) Put all of them into a Twitter List 1) Follow the list On Twitter On Tweetdeck On Tweetbot 2) Create an RSS Feed from the Twitter Playlist (Amit Aggarwall) Step 1) On Your Twitter Account: Step 2) Make a copy of Amit's Google Script

4. Instagram

4.1. Search tags and decide on the best ones to use with Iconosquare

4.1.1. Use one tag with IFTTT

4.1.2. use multiple tags Zapier

5. News Gathering/Alerting Tools

5.1. Twitter Alert Emails

5.2. Percolate

5.3. SocialOomph

5.4. Scoop.it

5.5. http://storify.com

5.6. Flipboard.com

5.7. Digg Reader

5.8. List.ly

5.9. reddit.com

5.10. AllTop

5.11. GetPrismatic

5.12. YouTube Email Alerts

5.12.1. Settings>Notifications

6. Facebook Pages

6.1. Get RSS Feed

6.1.1. Get the ID number of the page

6.1.2. Format of the feed

6.1.3. Examples Social Psychology Network Brain Pickings