Sebastian & Hernandez-Gils Experiment, 2012

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Sebastian & Hernandez-Gils Experiment, 2012 par Mind Map: Sebastian & Hernandez-Gils Experiment, 2012


1.1. Identification

1.1.1. Developmental pattern of digit span in Spanish population

1.2. Aim

1.2.1. To investigate the development of the phonological loop capacity of children between ages 5-17 by evaluating verbal digit span

1.3. Procedure

1.3.1. Participants required to listen to sequences of numbers

1.3.2. Sequences began at 3 digits in length and increased by one digit every 3 sequences

1.3.3. Participants had to recall the numbers in the correct order

1.3.4. The digit span was recorded when the participant failed to recall two out of the three in the series of sequences

1.4. Results

1.4.1. Digit span gradually increased with age

1.4.2. An average of 3.76 digits for pre-school pupils

1.4.3. An average of 5.83 digits for secondary school pupils

1.5. Conclusion

1.5.1. Digit span increases with age throughout childhood up to adolescence

1.5.2. Spanish digit span increased until 17 but Anglo-Saxon digit span increased until 15.

1.5.3. When same test was performed on healthy elderly people, the digit span decreased slightly When conducted on those with dementia, digit span did not differ from other elderly people


2.1. Demand Characteristics

2.1.1. Potentially They know what is being tested Younger children could lack the attention span to continue with the experiment They understand that if they do badly they can play - Demand Characteristics

2.2. Issues

2.2.1. Ethnocentric Only conducted in one place so does not represent general public

2.3. Generalisabiltity

2.3.1. Generalizable with the Spanish population

2.3.2. Not generazliable anywhere but Spain

2.4. Reliability

2.4.1. High internal reliability Experiment easy to replicate It is standardised

2.4.2. Lack of external reliability Other experiments haven't found the same results Anglo-Saxon data Gathercole & Alloway, 2008

2.5. Application

2.5.1. Indicates that memory increases with age

2.5.2. Different education systems Difference in the age of the maximum digit span between the cultures

2.6. Validity

2.6.1. HIgh validity Proven measure of digit span used in many previous studies

2.7. Ethics

2.7.1. Study was optional

2.7.2. Children could not consent, parents consented on their behalf Potentially unethical??

2.8. Studies

2.8.1. No supporting research

2.8.2. Opposing research Gathercole & Alloway, 2008, found that Anglo-Saxon children reached maximum digit span earlier than these findings