Hip-Hop Meets Rock

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Hip-Hop Meets Rock par Mind Map: Hip-Hop Meets Rock

1. Chris Cornell and Timbaland

1.1. VIA Chris Cornell Interview: A family friend was good friends with Timbaland’s cousin. He said, “Timbaland wants to make a song with you.” I said, “Awesome, let’s make an album.” I figured it would take two weeks, and I would have this crazy fucking record. That’s what happened. For me, it was a success. The failure in it was the record company trying to figure out what to do with it. The radio stations who had been playing my songs since 1990 — they were like, “We don’t want to play this. We can’t play this.”

1.1.1. VIA Timbaland: With the idea of remixing songs from his previous album Carry On (2007), Cornell first came into contact with Timbaland.[5] However, the collaboration evolved into the duo writing and recording an entire album in just six weeks, notably with the conceptual direction of "tying it all together musically", which Cornell describes as "[harkening] back to albums that I listened to when I was a kid, where the music never stops" and that it "begs to be listened to on headphones all the way through". In the music world you have a lot of musical terms or words that are used. Some of them are forte, grave, flat, dynamics, and my favorite word, encore. Encore is additional songs performed by an artist due to crowd applause and want for their favorite songs or song to be played. I love doing this when I perform.

2. 2009 solo album, Scream, with the hip-hop producer Timbaland. It went Top 10, but the reviews were brutal. Was it a success or a failure?

2.1. As stated in the interview. It was the record company that made the album, "SCREAM" a failure cause they had no idea how to market the album.

2.1.1. In my personal opinion the album was successful and a very good collaboration between two totally different genres. Because of this album I began work on a single with a rapper by the name of SugaKayne who also works with Pastor Troy. Our song, "Through My Eyes" has just hit 30,000 views. I do honestly believe that Chris Cornell, Timbaland, Pearl Jam, etc. have shaped the music industry in many shapes and forms. As did those before them such as Bob Dylan and Neil Young. This may not be the exact graph the assignment spoke of doing but it is what I know to do. However short it may be, it is very informative on two different music professionals who just so happened to collaborate together.