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1. Chef Legumier/ Vegetable Chef

1.1. Prepares hot and cold vegetables.

2. Chef Potager/ Soup Chef

2.1. Prepares soups

3. Chef Garde-manger/ Cold-food Chef

3.1. Prepares cold starters, meat and fish, preserving refrigerated and frozen foods

4. Chef Entremetier / Entrèe chef

4.1. Takes care of cooking vegetables and eggs, preparing soups and other dishes.

5. Chef Rotisseur/ Roast Chef

5.1. Prepares roasted preparations, sauces and seasonings

6. Chef Saucier/ Sauce Chef

6.1. Prepares sauces and special seasonings

7. Grillardin/ Grill Chef

7.1. Prepares grilled food.

8. Fritturier/ Fry Chef

8.1. Prepares fried food.

9. Chef Poissonier / Fish Chef

9.1. Prepares hot and cold vegetables.

10. Chef Patissier / Pastry chef

10.1. Prepares desserts and savoury and sweet pastries.

11. Chef tournant / Roundsman

11.1. Substitutes each chef de partie when absent