Your friend asks you if they can share you google doc/sheet/slideshow with them. They want to loo...

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Your friend asks you if they can share you google doc/sheet/slideshow with them. They want to look at your math homework. par Mind Map: Your friend asks you if they can share you google doc/sheet/slideshow with them. They want to look at your math homework.

1. Exploring Desicions/Consider every Consequence

1.1. 1. You could tell your friend straight away no

1.1.1. Your friend might think something is wrong

1.1.2. Your friend might think you are mad at them

1.1.3. Your friend might understand and ask another friend

1.1.4. Your friend might think you are being rude

1.1.5. Your friend could ask why?

1.2. 2. You could say yes to your friend and share it to your friend straight away

1.2.1. Thye might copy the homework without actually looking at them so it could affect their learning

1.2.2. They might look at the notes and compare answers and realise they had something incorrect

1.3. 3. You can ignore them

1.3.1. Like # 1 they might think you're mad or something is wrong

1.3.2. It could avoid the problem of them copying you

1.4. 4. You can say no but ask them if they need help(or want to compare answers) so if they do you can meet up the next day and help them(or compare answers.) If you compare answers then you can help each other when one of you have the incorrect answer

1.4.1. They might say no because all they wanted was the answers and they'll ask another friend

1.4.2. They might say okay so then you'll be able to help them instead of potentially letting them just copy you

2. Define The Problem

2.1. This effects your spiritual wellness because it could affect your values. If you believe that cheating is bad, then this could go against your spiritual wellness. This could also affect your social wellness because if you don't do this, it could affect your relationship with this friend and they may think you are being rude.

3. Decide and Act

3.1. Giving the slides to your friend is potentially a problem because they could copy it. Although they could also actually just be doing the work.

3.2. If you ask if she wants to meet tomorrow, it helps protect your value of helping people because it shows you are open towards it. Plus doing it would help her.

3.3. 1. Ask your friend if she needs help with the homework and if she would be open with meeting up tomorrow to help work on the homework. This is a smaller chance that she would just look at your paper and copy the answers because you are there to watch her.

3.3.1. If she says yes, then plan a time and when you see her, help her but make sure she isn't copying your work.

3.3.2. If she says no, say okay, when you need help just tell me and we can plan a time to meet

4. Identify Your Values

4.1. My family and I value no cheating so giving the slides to your friend could cause a value problem because they might copy your work. But at the same time my family supports helping people so this might help our friend. I also value being a good friend so doing this could help because I'm helping my friend.

4.2. I would want to help my friend so giving them the slides could potentially not help because they could copy it. But if I was there with her and could make sure she wasnt copying it. I could also make sure if she got somehting wrong I could help her. so then I would be able to help her.

5. Evaluate Results

5.1. The decision worked out well because my friend said she would love to schedule a time to meet so we met up the next day. I was able to help her because she was confused on a problem and wanted me to show her how to solve it.

5.2. It affected my life because now whenever I need help on something, I ask her and when she needs help on something, she ask me. So we are now even better friends

5.3. I learned that its okay to always ask a question if you aren't sure about something. Because I could've just given her the document and I could've not but asking her if she needed help was better for both of us.

5.4. If I just gave it to her it could have possibly caused her to not understand something because sh eowuld just be copying what I wrote.