The Rise of Right Wing Authoritarianism across the globe

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The Rise of Right Wing Authoritarianism across the globe by Mind Map: The Rise of Right Wing Authoritarianism across the globe

1. Wondering why Reality is skewing to the right all of the sudden?...... Take the authoritarian governments across the globe and line them up with elections Cambridge Analytica and EMERDATA were involved in and tell me they dont line up.....

1.1. How to use this mind map to connect the dots: Each topic has branches off of it to show connections to the top point I'm making. If there is a small circle with a dot in it underneath, it means you can click it to expand that section. I've closed some sections to save space. Each topic may have a small grey dot to the right of it, that is a comment section where I've linked evidence backing up my point and videos for each point. I've including PLENTY of evidence for each point and I want to help us all see the light before it's too late.

1.1.1. I finally pieced it all together. First an foremost I want you all to understand this isn't Dem vs Rep, black vs white, lgbt vs straight, women vs men. I am not blaming this on good hearted loving Christians or Good hearted Loving Catholics, we have ALL been led astray by corruption and greed in the hearts of men. Keep in mind before reading. They are using the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica AI technology on us all. They used it to Radicalize the right into believing off the wall conspiracy theories, so that we'd persecute them and think they were nuts. So that when people on the left ( who statistically have more education under their belt) start piecing this together and figuring this out, we'd have a hell of a time waking people up out of their radicalization. Also, this is the same for Jan 6th They radicalized those poor people into attacking the capital and convinced them the election was stolen so we'd persecute them and call them crazy. If it would have worked, they would have won. If it didn’t, they still might have win because they are trying to radicalize the left into responding violently so they can lock down the government and take total control. (See lower in the article to read how the Nazi's did this, pulled from website) If you don't break the cycle, the cycle will keep repeating. It's time to wake the others. I WANT TO START WITH, I'M NOT A RELIGIOUS MAN. I'VE NEVER READ THE BIBLE A DAY IN MY LIFE. I'VE BEEN THAT WAY FOR MY ENTIRE 36 YEARS ON THIS PLANET.