Overcoming extreme test anxiety

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Overcoming extreme test anxiety por Mind Map: Overcoming extreme test anxiety

1. 1. Identify your test anxiety

1.1. Be aware of physical and psychological causes

1.1.1. Physical Headaches Nausea Increase heart rate Fatigue

1.1.2. Psychological Emotional Disappointment, Fear, Anger Cognitive Fidgeting, Abuse, Avoidance Behavioral Negative self talk, Hard to concentrate

1.2. Identify the problem

1.2.1. Step 1. Pay attention to your self talk

1.2.2. Step 2. Identify the thoughts leading to your anxiety

1.2.3. Step 3. Challenge your anxiety thoughts

2. 2. Study Preparation

2.1. Study weekly, avoid cramming, spread out the work load

2.2. Mentally prepare yourself

2.2.1. Use past papers as practice test 1. place yourself under test conditions 2. Set a timer 3. Isolation, remove electronic devices etc

2.3. Ensure that you are learning EFFICIENTLY not over working

3. 3. Preparation on the test day

3.1. Physical Aspect

3.1.1. Sleep early the night before, have enough rest

3.2. Emotional/ Mental Aspect

3.2.1. Mentally prepare yourself, if feeling stressed/nervous calm down, perform breathing excersise

3.3. Preparation

3.3.1. Be prepared, dont forget equipment such as stationary, review over the notes the night before

3.4. Self confidence

3.4.1. Think positively, believe in yourself

4. 4. After test day

4.1. Do not overthink

4.2. Try to not think about the test

4.3. Attempt to not discuss it with your peers

4.4. Reflect on your performance

4.5. Use each test as a learning oppturnirty, self improvement.