Top 5 books on building character

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Top 5 books on building character por Mind Map: Top 5 books on building character

1. Top 10 Books on building character

1.1. Character Building

1.1.1. Nobody is born with charcater

1.1.2. Character has to be forged It has to be worked on every single day

1.1.3. Is like Body Building You lift and push around obstacles in order to strenghten your body

1.1.4. You rise up to challenges in order to build character

1.2. Characater?

1.2.1. the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.

1.2.2. They are your qualities

1.2.3. Ultimately boils down to Your ability to live by your rules/your values To be able to stay harmonized with your values

1.3. Autobiography of Ben Franklin

1.3.1. He resolved to build his character Identified 13 Values he would work on for his life

1.3.2. 13 Values Every single week, he would work on one of these values And score himself on that every single day In 13 weeks he would go through all 13 values And then repeat the process all over again Over the period of 52 weeks He would visit each value 4 times

1.3.3. Every single day he was working on his values Character is all about being able to live true to your values in life Every single day, he was aspiring to live up to his values

1.3.4. So what are your values? For example, some of my top values are Courage Learning Growth Going after greatness Family

1.3.5. You have to identify your values and endeavor to live by them

1.3.6. Highly Recommend this book

1.4. Feel the Fear and do it anyways

1.4.1. If you want to build character You have to be able to handle fear in life You have to be able to do what is right No matter how much fear you feel in the moment

1.4.2. If fear runs your life If fear cripples you into inaction You can not build character

1.4.3. Character requires that you do what is needed In face of the biggest challenges and fears in your life

1.4.4. This book will show you the deepest reason why we fear anything

1.4.5. A lot of people want to bypass fear or become fearless But the key is not fearlessness The key is to have courage Courage is your ability to take action in face of your fears

1.4.6. Another really important key to fear Fear = Growth Fear = invitation to step outside your comfort zones To expand your comfort zone If you are not growing If you are not stepping outside your comfort zone You are not building your character If you are going to build character You have to face your fear And take action So that you can

1.5. Man's search for meaning

1.5.1. Viktor Frankl was a Nazi concentration camp survivor And a Psychologist

1.5.2. During the darkest of times in the concentration camps he came to realize that Meaning will help us survive the toughest of conditions

1.5.3. We have to be able to find meaning in midst of challenges and suffering Suffering stops being suffering when there is meaning behind it

1.5.4. When you are forging your character That meaning will guide you through the toughest of challenges The meaning will help you stay strong no matter how difficult the situation gets

1.5.5. SO right now, if you are going through hard times You need to find meaning Is the meaning that The meaning will change everything

1.6. As a Man thinketh

1.6.1. This 1906 classic You can download it for free in the link below

1.6.2. a man is what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts

1.6.3. Every single thought every single moment Is making or breaking your charcater

1.6.4. You have to be very careful of what you are thinking

1.6.5. If you want to forge your character, One of the most important changes you can make in your thinking is to have a Purpose As James Allen says TO begin to think with purpose is to enter the ranks of the strong ones who make all conditions serve them

1.6.6. This book will show you how to forge your character By shaping your thoughts every single moment

1.6.7. I will link to the full summary in the links below

1.7. Seneca - Letters from a Stoic

1.7.1. Seneca was one of the 3 greatest stoic philosophers during the Ancient Roman times Marcus Aurelius Emperor Epictetus slave Seneca

1.7.2. Stoic Philosophy is probably the most powerful school of thought When it comes to building character

1.7.3. The most fundamental understanding of stoicism is We have to be able to distinguish between what's within our control and what's outside our control Let go of what's outside your control Instead focus all your effort and energy on what's within your control Life will test your character again and again The weak ones will allow their emotions and their thinking to be driven by what's outside their control But the strong ones will focus on what's within their control

1.7.4. "Brave men rejoice in adversity, just as brave soldiers triumph in war." “Why then are we offended? Why do we complain? This is what we’re here for.” We are not here for the easy stuff We are not here for a life devoid of challenges

1.7.5. A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials. Accept that difficulties are a part of life and that they are GOOD for you

1.8. Mental Toughness Program

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1.9. Meditations - Marcus

1.10. Epictetus

1.11. Atlas Shrugged

1.12. Shackleton

1.13. Obstacle is the Way

1.14. Arnold Toynbee

1.14.1. Challenge Response Theory

1.15. Resilience - Eric Grietens

1.16. Mindset

1.17. Feeling Good

1.17.1. Constantly challenging your erroneous thoughts Re-aligning them to the truth

1.17.2. It is going to be a journey

1.18. The Confidence Gap

1.19. Touching the Void

1.20. Psycho Cybernetics

1.21. 7 Habits of highly effective people

1.21.1. Be Proactive

2. Top 5 books on