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I write to my essay por Mind Map: I write to my essay

1. Carol Dweck - Mindsets

1.1. Growth mindset vs Fixed Mindset

1.2. motivators include: Intelligence, potential, validation, challenge, learning

1.3. Praise effort and result.

1.4. failure is ok!

1.5. self and peer assessment

2. Maslow's Hierarchy of neeeeds

3. Leslie Curzon - Fourteen points of motivation

3.1. make sure there's a mutual understanding of what you and learners want

3.2. set challenging but achievable tasks

3.3. give feedback on effort and achievement

4. David McClelland - Needs Theory

4.1. motivation by Achievement, Power or Affiliation

4.2. Mistakes are ok!

5. Douglas McGregor - X and Y Theory

5.1. ground rules that you and your learners sign up to!

5.2. X learners - dislike work Y learners - find work simulating and interesting

5.3. x teachers - structure learning rely on coercian . Y teachers - rely on inner desire to motivate leanring

6. Victor Vroomm - Expectancy Theory

6.1. Motivation = Expectation x Valence x Instrumentality

6.2. expectation = belief in oneself as a learner

6.3. instrumentality - extent learner believes their teacher will deliver reward

6.4. encourage learners to believve in themselves

6.5. make rewards attractive to students

6.6. always keep promises

7. Clayton Alderfer - Existence, Relatedness, Growth (ERG)

7.1. ensure learners basic needs are met

7.2. acknowledge effort and achievement

7.3. accept learners will regress

7.4. Existence: satisfaction through basic needs

7.5. Relatedness: interpresonal and social relationships. psychological wllbeing, sense of belonging

7.6. Growth - attainment of respect and self - actualisation. Personal Development.

8. Bill Lucas and Guy Klaxon

9. Activating the Desire to Learn - Bob Sullo

10. The Motivated Student - Bob Sullo

11. Essential Motivation in the Classroom - Ian Gilbert

12. Motivating Students to Learn - Jere Brophy

13. Inspiring Students Case studies in motivating learners

14. Motivating Defiant and Disruptive Students to Learn: Positive Classroom ... Rich Korb

15. Mention motivation in the Teacher Standards

16. Learning and Motivation in the Classroom - Scott

17. Multiple Intelligences in Practice - Mike Fleetham

18. Incident #1: Use of rewards to motivate Yr 7 students

19. Incident #2: Closing Kahoot before winner was announced - demotivating learner

20. Incident #3: Use of physical activity to engage learners

21. Motivating Learning - Jill Hadfield and Zoltan D

22. Motivating Learners in the Classroom - Gavin

23. Learner-Centered Classroom practices and assessments - Mccomb and Miller

24. Vanderbilt - Motivating Students

25. Intrinsic Motivation - Edward Deci

26. Promoting Behaviour for Learning in the Classroom - Ellis and Tod

27. Becoming a critically reflective teacher - stephen brookfield

28. Becoming a crtiically reflective teacher - Stephen Brookfield