China Communication Service (CCS)

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China Communication Service (CCS) por Mind Map: China Communication Service (CCS)

1. Provide integreted services

1.1. telecommunication

1.2. media

1.3. technology

2. Communication Infrastructure network

2.1. Backbone

2.2. FTTx

2.3. LTE

2.3.1. increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core network improvements

2.4. O/BSS

2.4.1. operated together by telecommunications service providers - to support a range of telecommunication services

3. Digi is one of Client/Partner in Malaysia

4. TelBru

4.1. FTTH

4.1.1. from a central point directly to individual buildings such as residences, apartment buildings and businesses

4.2. Completed Sites

5. Equipment & Instrument

5.1. Splicing Machine

5.1.1. joining two fibers together

5.1.2. Mechanical splicing

5.1.3. fusion splicing

5.2. Fusion Splicer

5.2.1. provides for the lowest insertion loss

5.3. OTDR

5.3.1. application of electronic devices and systems that source, detect and control light

5.4. Power Meter

5.4.1. Electricity meter measures electrical energy (electrical power supplied to a residence, business or machine over time)

5.5. Visible Light Source

5.6. Manhole Detector

5.7. Water Pump

5.8. Rodding Cane

5.9. Walking Measure (True Meter)

5.9.1. uses when a large distance measurement is needed quickly - estimating paving jobs, building lot sizes, carpet estimates, grass seed and fertilizer calculations, insurance calculations, fence estimating, utility contracting, and other

5.10. Electrical Drill

5.11. Road Cutter Machine

5.12. HDD

5.13. Backhoe

6. Product (Suppliers)

6.1. Manhole (with Accecories, Lockable Cover

6.2. Pipe & Duct

6.3. Underground Detectable Warning tape

6.4. Marker Post

6.5. ODF & Closure

6.6. Pole

6.7. Pole accecories

6.8. Fiber-related Accecories (FSSI etc)

6.9. machinery (HDD, Micro Trenching, Road-Milling etc)