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OS por Mind Map: OS

1. Manage

1.1. File System

1.1.1. OS Windows User != Group Linux 0777 User = Group chown user:group

1.1.2. Permissions Execution exe bat scripts Read Write Update Delete Create New Append Modify

1.2. User System

1.2.1. Permission Logic Denied by Default Allow by Default Method Per permission Per group

1.2.2. Level System Level Special User Level

1.3. Process

1.3.1. Under User's permissions

1.3.2. Can be start with a user (selectable)

1.3.3. Priority Windows Programs vs Background Linux Priority -20 -> +19

1.4. Memory / Caching Management

1.4.1. Sensitive Info Push to page file / temp storage

1.4.2. Template Info Clear