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Autocad room por Mind Map: Autocad room

1. Customer details

1.1. Just to clarify, what is the name of your business?

1.2. Are there any ways to contact you? Email, phone, adress.

2. Budget

2.1. how much money do you have set aside?

2.2. What did you intend on having done with this budget?

3. Computers

3.1. Do you have any?

3.2. what do they run?

3.3. do they need updating?

3.4. would you prefer laptops or desktops?

3.5. what does your budget cover?

3.6. Will they need access to the internet?

3.7. Will much wiring be required?

4. Deadline

4.1. Do you have a deadline?

4.1.1. Do you have a desired time scale?

5. room

5.1. How large is the room?

5.2. Does it need furnishing?

5.3. Will you need desks?

5.4. Does the room have power supplies?

5.4.1. How many?

5.5. Can it fit all of the people you need?

5.6. What are its dimentions?

5.7. Does it already contain computers?

6. users

6.1. How many people will use the computers?

6.2. how many people will use the room at any one time?

7. software

7.1. Will you be willing to use alternative sofware?

7.2. Does your budget allow for this kind of software?