Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

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Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology por Mind Map: Referral and Assessment for Assistive Technology

1. STEP 3: The Individualized Education Program

1.1. Device Trials

2. STEP 2: Conducting an Assistive Technology Assessment

2.1. Direct Observation

2.1.1. Cognitive Skills

2.1.2. Current Use of Any AT Devices

2.1.3. Sensory Skills

2.1.4. Motor Skills

2.1.5. Communication Skills

2.1.6. Social Skills

2.2. Interviews

2.2.1. Family Concerns and Expectations

2.2.2. Perceived Needs and Abilities of the Students

2.2.3. Academic Expectations

2.2.4. Diagnostic Information

2.2.5. Medical Information

2.3. Formal Assessment

2.3.1. The need for AT is assessed.

2.4. Colaboration

2.4.1. A written report will be given to the student's IEP team.

2.4.2. The IEP team will make a decision.

3. STEP 1: Referral for Assistive Technology Assessment

3.1. After a referral is put in place a team will decide if the students need assistive technology.

3.2. The team will consider all factors.

3.2.1. Student Data and Personal Information

3.2.2. Medical Data for Vital Concerns

3.2.3. Vision and Hearing Reports

3.2.4. Information about any Technology or Equipment Being Used

3.2.5. Background Information Regarding Any Related Services Provided Previously for the Student

3.3. After all factors have been considered by school officials and parents a decision will be made.

4. STEP 4: Implementation of the Assistive Technology Device

4.1. AT device is put in place.

4.2. An ongoing assessment checklist is created to keep track of progress and needs of the student.