Competition between 2 serotypes

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Competition between 2 serotypes por Mind Map: Competition between 2 serotypes

1. Direct

1.1. being colonized

1.1.1. protects against other colonization Bactericide secretion Sampling difficuties.... 6B colonized individuals have lower risk of being colonized

1.2. Double colonization

1.2.1. accelerates colonization clearage

1.2.2. reduces infectiousness

2. Indirect

2.1. No serotype replacement possible

2.2. immunity to 1 strain

2.2.1. partial immunity to colonization of another 2008 - 2y - carriage homologous protection = immunity to same heterologous protection 2009 - 1y - carriage heterologous protection vaccine-related serotypes 6A 9A,L,N 18A,B,F 19A(B,C) 23A,B

2.2.2. quicker clearage of second colonization

2.2.3. reduced force of infection