Expert Systems

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Expert Systems por Mind Map: Expert Systems

1. Medical diagonosis

1.1. Disease

1.2. Symtoms

1.3. Cures

2. Game

2.1. Chess

3. Data bases

3.1. Contains all information needed

3.2. Contains rules base

4. Definition

4.1. An expert system is the system that helps people work with professional information stored in a data base.

5. Input

5.1. User types in the required information to answer the question (eg. symptons)

5.2. Information typed in through User Interface

6. Processing

6.1. System compares input to database

6.2. Matching ouput and data are found

6.3. Possible soutions are found

7. Output

7.1. Possilble answers are found (eg. disease

7.2. Solutions are found (eg. medicin to be taken)