Singapore's Characteristics

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Singapore's Characteristics por Mind Map: Singapore's Characteristics

1. Small

1.1. dependent on trade

1.1.1. Will be more than willing to upgrade technology with regards to trade

1.2. Small population

1.2.1. Need for foreign talent and foreign worker to work for our economy

1.2.2. Lack of manpower for military sector to fight for country Compulsory NS (conscription) Usage of science and tech

1.3. Scarce resources

1.3.1. Water NEWater (Under hyflux) - founded by Olivia Lum Self sufficient 2061 contract

1.3.2. Land Land reclaimation Importing sand from

2. Stressful lifestyle

2.1. Top 3 sleep deprived country (6h 32min)

2.2. Long working hours

2.2.1. 48h a week for teachers but other country 38h

3. Multi-racial country

3.1. Cook and share a pot of curry day

3.2. Food

3.2.1. Fusion of food

3.2.2. Hawker centre must have different cuisine

3.3. Housing

3.3.1. Racial quota

4. Technology hub

4.1. Rank 3rd most popular technology destination for professionals

4.1.1. Attractive location for foreign talents

5. Media

5.1. Media Development Authority Singapore

5.1.1. Censorship Freedom

5.1.2. Government body

5.2. If website have more than 50k viewer, have to pay a sum of money to have a opinion on political view

5.2.1. Media licensing scheme

5.3. Ashley madison

5.3.1. Life is short, have an affair Banned from entering singapore

5.4. Xiaxue

5.4.1. Dec 2005 Suggested that foreign workers should be banned at orchard road cuz they are molesting singaporean girls

5.5. Sara Shantelle Lim

5.6. Banning of 3 NLB books

5.6.1. 'And Tango Makes Three', 'The White Swan Express', and 'Who's In My Family?'. Banned because of family issues/gender

6. Gender inequality

6.1. Wear white campaign- christians (against pink dot)

6.2. Pink dot - lgbt

7. Singapore social movements

7.1. Yellow ribbon - ex convicts

7.1.1. Eighteenchefs

7.2. Hair for Hope

7.3. Pink ribbon - cancer

8. Sports

8.1. YOG 2010

8.2. SEA games 2015

8.3. Table tennis & Badminton achievements

8.3.1. Lee jia wei (won medals for sg but went back to china

8.3.2. Feng tian wei

8.3.3. Tao li (swimmer)

8.4. New Topic

8.5. Park connectors to encourage people to exercise

8.5.1. Punggol waterway

8.5.2. Sengkang riverside

8.6. Rent out facilities in sports hub to general public to use to encourage exercise

9. Food

9.1. Fusion of food - racial

9.2. Old chang kee expanded overseas fighting with multinational corportations

10. Arts

10.1. Sota, laselle, art science museum

10.1.1. Constantly changes exhibition to expose singaporean to singapore arts scene (eg titanic)

10.2. Singapore indoor stadiums

10.2.1. Lots of performances and concerts held

10.3. singapore talent search programmes such as Singapore Idol,Live Your Dream,shall we dance, star search campus superstar, super band have produced a wealth of talents like fann wong, stefanie sun, jj lin taufik batisah

11. Tourism

11.1. Singapore's Changi Airport

11.1.1. ranked first in world best airport

11.2. Marina Gardens By the Bay

12. Education

12.1. P6 compulsory education act

12.2. Tuition culture

12.3. Tuition culture

12.4. University

12.4.1. SIT for poly student

13. Family

13.1. 3 generation under 1 roof + domestic helpers (common site)

14. Celebrity culture

14.1. Teenagers/young adult fans can confine themselves to skipping work or school to meet their stars at the airport or shopping centres for autograph sessions

14.2. Raised more than 6 million for the victims of sichuan earthquakethrough charityshow on mediacorp