Informal Friendly Coding Support

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Informal Friendly Coding Support por Mind Map: Informal Friendly Coding Support

1. intentions

1.1. Mihai

1.1.1. help

1.1.2. attract Brian to DBC (secondary)

1.1.3. figure out how to do this (informally helping friends learn to code)

1.1.4. help you get self-sufficient ASAP

1.2. Brian

1.2.1. see if he likes coding

1.2.2. ultimate: find new life path solid income

2. timeline

2.1. test the waters first

2.2. if it's something he wants

2.2.1. have 3 weeks

2.2.2. then travel

2.2.3. then more time

3. decisions

3.1. bootcamp or solo

3.1.1. pro solo free (or nearly so)

3.1.2. pro bootcamp community support in job search thorough curriculum more emotional support in feeling stupid

3.1.3. other options paid plus websites some with occasional mentoring

3.2. tutorials or app or codeacademy

3.2.1. Python CS253 Python Web Programming

3.2.2. Ruby on Rails Hartl Tutorial

3.3. ruby or python?

3.4. what rails framework?

4. hack-u-cation

4.1. questions for mentor

4.1.1. what other tools do i need?

4.1.2. some question that led to installing ruby

4.1.3. first thing, would I create a file? √

4.1.4. what's Ruby, what's Rails?

4.1.5. how do I get Rails on my computer? how does programming even work Unix iTerm TextMate git

4.1.6. goal: build a dance event calendar

4.1.7. how do i begin?

4.2. self-education

4.2.1. read the Rails Guides

4.2.2. intro to github

4.2.3. read rbenv docs

5. homework

5.1. find a Ruby tutorial you like and follow it

5.1.1. to learn vocabulary

6. vocabulary

6.1. Overall

6.1.1. Unix pwd print working directory mkdir make new directory cd change directory ls list contents of directory touch create new file rm -rf remove directory mate open textmate . this directory cd .. parent directory mate . open text mate for current directory mate .. opens text mate for parent directory rails s launches rails server rails --version shows the version of rails you are using -- is always followed by a whole word - is followed by an abbreviation / is a division between directories ruby -v shows version of ruby control + c stops what iterm is doing fn button + arrows will allow you to go to the beginning or end of a line of code

6.2. Coding

6.2.1. Boolean true or false

6.2.2. argument

6.3. programs/resources

6.3.1. homebrew

6.3.2. Ruby

6.3.3. rails

6.3.4. python

6.3.5. git

6.3.6. heroku

7. coding pros and cons

7.1. pro

7.2. con

7.2.1. you will feel stupid

8. what are we doing exactly?

8.1. options

8.1.1. mihai gives brian a bunch of links, checks in once in a while

8.2. what is the truth in programming?

8.3. Googling

8.3.1. whenever your search results include StackOverflow (and friends), go there