Theme: The impact of climate change in different European countries // Title: Your future, our fu...

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Theme: The impact of climate change in different European countries // Title: Your future, our future. por Mind Map: Theme: The impact of climate change in different European countries // Title: Your future, our future.

1. Pedagogical innovation

1.1. Brainstorming as a class: thinking of area's in which your country is impacted by climate change or will be in the future / ways in which climate change is being fought and measures that have already been taken / measures that may need to be taken in the future /

1.1.1. From this: devise a list of subjects for research and report

1.2. Working in groups: finding information and creating an item/short podcast about the chosen or allocated subject

1.2.1. Document in writing (blog, twinspace) as well, and create two pop-quiz questions about the podcast

1.3. Working in groups: turning the podcasts into a radio show

1.4. Working in cross-national duo's: writing a short essay on Climate change in Europe, focusing on one of the subjects of choice.

2. Curricular integration

2.1. English language

2.1.1. speaking, listening, reading and writing

2.2. Geography

2.3. Civics

2.4. task reflection and self-reflection through rubrics / rubric development

3. Communication and exchange between partner schools

3.1. via twinspace / blog / soundcloud / google docs / email / skype / facetime / forum

4. Collaboration between partner schools

4.1. Working in groups: receiving the podcasts from the partner school, turning a selection of them into a radio show by presenting and introducing the most interesting subjects and making it into a whole.

4.1.1. sharing the radio programmes online in a blog and the twinspace

4.2. Listening to each other's  and your own radio programmes in class.

4.3. Taking a kahoot quiz (together?, teams?) after listening, with the questions you created yourselves as well as those your partners created.

4.4. Working with a cross-national partner on a short essay based on the podcasts.

4.4.1. Presenting the essays online on the blog and in a digital magazine.

4.5. Assessing podcasts received from the other school with a rubric

4.6. collaboration between teachers to design reflection rubrics and tasks

5. Use of technology




5.4. Using smartphones to record mp3


5.6. twinspace, blog, soundcloud

5.7. google docs for collaborative writing


5.9. survey via google docs or surveymonley


6. Results, impact and documentations

6.1. Podcasts on the blog and in twinspace

6.2. radio shows on blog and twinspace

6.3. online magazine with essays on climate change

6.4. reflection on the tasks via survey

6.5. documenting in google docs

6.6. publishing reflection on the blog

6.7. publishing on school website, involving local newspapers?

7. Project details:

7.1. Age: upper secondary school // 14-18 yrs

7.2. Number of partners: 2-6 (if more than two, coupling schools in duo's for most of the project, but sharing results and creating magazine together)

7.3. Subjects: climate change and its impact in europe / english language

7.4. language: English throughout (source material may be in home language but anything exchanged will be in English)

7.5. Inspiration from this project:


8. ??? VLOG & TV show rather than podcast and radio show? // involving debate clubs?