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NFC by Mind Map: NFC

1. Survey

1.1. Background

1.1.1. Online survey tool Google form

1.1.2. Number of respondents 50

1.1.3. Target All the students

2. Current use

2.1. Android beam: Sharing contacts, photos, videos or file

2.1.1. NFC offers a low-speed connection with simple setup that can be used to bootstrap more capable wireless connections.

2.2. Payment

2.2.1. It reads and writes to an NFC chip. So, when you tap your commuter card on the terminal, the NFC-powered terminal subtracts money from the balance written to the card. For example your Octopus card.

2.3. Mobile marketing

2.4. Identity

2.5. Ticketing

2.6. Gaming

3. Problem & Concerns

3.1. Security

3.1.1. NFC provides one more way for the hackers to commit a crime. Hackers can hack in the phone to acquire important information of NFC users, such as credit card information. They can use the credit card of NFC users to buy things which are not paid by them.

3.2. Lack of Company Support

3.2.1. A lot of companies have no NFC services because they need to buy a lot of NFC readers which will increase the cost of them, NFC users cannot use the technology.

3.3. NFC Phone

3.3.1. we need a smartphone with NFC function. Not every smarphone has NFC function. If you want to use these kind of function ,you need to buy a new phone with NFC function.

3.4. Read Range

3.4.1. When the NFC device is not close to NFC reader, it will not work. This is not convenient for consumers.

4. How does NFC work

4.1. The NFC chip operates is one of the wireless link. When another chip activate the NFC chip, small amounts of data can be transferred between the two devices and it only need to be hold less than 4 centimeters from each other.

4.2. Process

4.2.1. Download an app e.g. Google Wallet eg StudioPress: Balance theme

4.2.2. The app securely connects with your bank account

4.2.3. Wave your phone over the reader

4.2.4. Payment

4.2.5. A digital receipt is instantly stored on your phone

5. NFC application

5.1. Octopus

5.1.1. Octopus card is important to our daily lives nowadays.We can use it to buy products and take public transportation. We can use the “Octopus” application to check the remaining value and transactions of our octopus cards easily. Also,we can use the application for online shopping by our octopus card e.g Taobao

5.2. Android Pay

5.2.1. NFC users need to enter their credit card information in the app. Then, they can pay with the phone for shopping in stores, apps and online.

6. Introduction

6.1. What is NFC

6.1.1. Simple & fast communication between 2 devices

6.1.2. Contactless payment systems

6.2. History

6.2.1. 2004 Promote the security, ease of use, and popularity of NFC

6.2.2. 2006 Provide information such as biography

6.2.3. 2010 First NFC phone: Samsung Nexus S

6.2.4. Today Popular form of payment in everywhere